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May 21, 2012: Three weeks ago we officially announced the plan to overhaul Scrapbook, LiveJournal’s exclusive photo-hosting feature for Plus, Paid and Perm accounts. Today we’re letting you know that the new Scrapbook will release this week; in anticipation, we want to give you a bit more information on some additional changes that have been made. The newest additions to the FAQ are under the cut; the original FAQ about the new Scrapbook is in the previous news post.

Tags will be saved
We heard your input on the subject of the tag data, and we wanted to let you know your tag data will be preserved. While the new version of Scrapbook doesn't support tagging right now, it will in the near future. This means your images will not display your tag data initially, but once this functionality has been added, any tags you currently have will become usable on your migrated images, and you will be able to add/edit tags as well.

The basic “friends only” security levels will be preserved
Galleries or images that were set to the "All Groups" or "LJ:all_friends" Scrapbook security levels will be migrated to the basic Friends Only security level -- they will no longer be migrated as private images.

Custom security groups, though, will still be migrated to private security. The old Scrapbook had internal security levels that made it impossible to guarantee that no data would be exposed to unintended viewers if we attempted to migrate those, so it remains safest to migrate anything that used a custom security level to private images.

The Photobucket tab when adding an image has been removed
When adding an image to an entry through the Add Image button, there will no longer be an option for Photobucket. You will need to either use the code Photobucket provides with their images or use the direct image URL to add images from Photobucket in the new Scrapbook, as you would for images hosted on any other service.

So, when will the Scrapbook migration process begin?
Users will start to be migrated to the new Scrapbook this week (the week of May 21). It will take 1-2 weeks for all users to be migrated, since the migration will happen one user at a time. As noted in the previous announcement, when your individual Scrapbook is in the process of being migrated, it will be unavailable for you to use -- however, the migration process should only take a couple of minutes at most for any individual user. Once your Scrapbook is migrated, you will receive an email to let you know it's done and you will then be able to see and use the new interface.

The LiveJournal Team
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