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May 23, 2012 - The official LiveJournal Release 92 has been deployed. Here’s what you’ll find in this latest site update:

  • Particularly long comment threads now collapse with the alert “...and [#] more comments.” Just click on that alert to see the rest of the comments. Here’s what this looks like:

  • Notification emails now hide any content that was already placed inside an lj-cut instead of displaying the entire entry.

  • Social Capital is now displayed for all communities on the profile page.

  • You can now embed the Spotify player into your journal or community style.

  • Personal userheads are now available for purchase. A personal userhead is of your own design and is unique to you, unavailable to anyone else. Purchase as many personal userheads as you like; each costs 5,000 LJ FunBux™, and is good for five years. Learn more.

  • Scheduled entries should no longer return errors or double-post.

  • Domain mapping should no longer force redirection to the LiveJournal login page.

  • The format=light URL modifier works on entry pages again.

  • Comment notification emails will send even if the entry has a poll.

  • The "Music" section on the edit entries page will let you delete the entire text field.

  • The help link next to “Do not add to friends pages and RSS” on the update page now links to the correct FAQ.

  • The list of journals and communities added by default for new users has changed to news and lj_releases for non-Cyrillic users.

  • Missing navigation items in the Classic journal style have re-appeared.

  • Notifications about expiring add-ons will now have correct subject lines.

  • The bold/italic/strikethrough buttons in the site default commenting scheme should no longer cause cursor positioning problems in Chrome.

  • The Calendar feature will now update properly when you edit an entry and change its date.

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- The LiveJournal Team
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