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Invite your friends back to LiveJournal!

Do you have LiveJournal friends you'd like to hear from again but who haven't posted for awhile? Do you sometimes feel like your Friends page doesn't have as much content as it could? Well, now you can invite your friends back and get some free paid time added to your account as well!

We are pleased to announce the Remember promotion, which allows currently active LiveJournal users to send an invitation to their friends who haven't been active for awhile. If your friend accepts the invitation, both you and your friend will receive a month of paid time! You can receive up to 6 months paid time if you invite multiple friends, and a special gift will be given to the person who brings the most people back to LiveJournal!

So, how does it work?
All you need to do is go to while logged in to your LiveJournal account and enter your friend's username (or you can copy/paste the link and send it to them directly). We'll send them an email with a confirmation code, and once they accept, they just need to post a new entry (at any security level) for you both to receive one month of paid time added to your account!

What are the rules for sending and receiving invitations?
The following eligibility restrictions apply:

1) The invited account must have no logins recorded for the past 12 months or longer.

2) You cannot send invitations to your own alternate accounts.

3) Identity accounts (accounts that login via Facebook, Twitter, and so on) can neither send nor receive invitations. Only full LiveJournal accounts can participate.

4) This promotion is currently for non-Cyrillic users only.

Anything else I need to know?
Nope, that's it! So head on over to and help bring your friends back to LiveJournal!
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I feel like the heat death of the universe will happen before LJ finally accepts defeat.
lol. mte!


1 year ago

Ha. Good luck with that.

I was keen on LJ until the new layouts came and started bugging up my computer, which honestly puts me off from visiting this site most of the time. I'm glad that I can still use the old layout to check on my own friends list for the occasional updates and to look in on ontd from time to time - but yeah I wouldn't try and 'tempt' anyone to come back at all. They left for their own good reasons and I can honestly say I can't think of a better reason for them to come back at all.
It would be nice for LJ to be as active as before, but it feels like that ship has sailed a long time ago.


April 3 2015, 22:20:43 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  April 3 2015, 22:21:05 UTC

People who have completely abandoned LJ won't be enticed back by the offer of paid time. Especially only ONE MONTH of paid time. They're done with LJ and that's that.
Wow, this does look like a desperate move. This site did piss off a lot of people to the point where they left and won't ever come back and some are halfway hanging on. I don't update my journal anymore, only watch a few communities that are still active and still talk to one of my friends on here.

So how deep is this move? Like the site will be going under completely within a year if the site doesn't get more people on here? I was going to get some more added user pics soon but I might better hold off on that.

Really? THIS is what I'm supposed to come back to and invite old LJ users to come back to? A ghost town of a website that can't even break 300 comments on a days-old news post about a huge promo event? The last time I was actually a regular user even posts just announcing the site was back up after scheduled maintenance would get well over 1,000 comments.

A website that, if other comments by people who are actually still active here are anything to go by, hasn't changed a single damn bit since the rest of us took the hint and left a website where we were clearly considered an unwanted, unneeded nuisance?

I mean, let's make that clear: You guys kicked us out. Because ONTD was getting a little attention and you decided to milk that for all it was worth. You literally decided that having an active fandom community would be an embarrassment to your celebrity gossip community and you took pains to get rid of us and wipe all memory of our presence on the website.

And now, years after the fact, you're just realizing that we made up the vast majority of your userbase and are begging us to come back and bring all our friends with us? For no ads and a few extra icons for a month no less!

Give me a fucking break. We remember how you treated us, we're not coming back. Enjoy the time you have left as a sustainable website.

Also, raise your hand if you got this email despite the fact you haven't been active on this website in years.
So where's the content of the post gone now?
You are literally offering to pay people to come back and the answer is still no. How's that grave you dug for yourselves feeling now?



1 year ago


1 year ago

Another question regarding this, WHEN do we see the payback month?

As soon as they post? Next month??

I'm actually wondering about that, because I think I've gotten one person who met the rules for the contest (didn't log in for a year, etc.) post because of my invite, and I check my e-mail and user info periodically to see if anything has been added.


1 year ago


1 year ago

My friends left for a reason. As did I, since I no longer blog here; we all went over to Dreamwidth, and nothing short of the right sort of DeLorean could induce us to return now.

But FWIW there is still no other blogging site that comes near to the awesomeness that WAS LiveJournal in its glory days, and I will always mourn that.
Wow. Four pages of comments later and I haven't seen ONE response from LJ to any of these comments.

See? THAT'S what we mean! And you STILL don't seem to get it!

I realize it may be too much to respond to each and every comment. But why not at least the first page, or some on the first page? And then update the post with, "I'm sorry we couldn't respond personally to each one of your comments. But we did read them all and will be taking your input into consideration. Stay tuned."

Then, you actually ADDRESS and SOLVE (or move toward solving) as many of the specific problems mentioned as you can. That's what a responsible and successful business does. And then you wonder why LJ is failing?
Thank you so much 💝
Why was the horrid new interface foisted upon me when I logged in? The old option to change it back doesn't seem to be there and, well, this isn't looking too hot for your desperate attempt at luring old users back.
Thank you, livejournal, for giving us new forms of idiot trolls. You've got morons people hitting those of us still here and posting with come back messages. Some of them people that don't ever post themselves. All of them people we didn't know existed until this ill-thought out scheme. Let's kill this one off fast, before you chase off more posters.
Wow, it's almost like making the site unreadable to a whole chunk of your userbase might have backfired. /bitter migraine sufferer.
It worried me this post, and I have the feeling of "Chronicle of a death foretold" worries me because I can lose years of publications and I've already gone through this with Yahoo! 360 and MSN spaces and do not want to happen, less with Livejournal.
For now, I hope that what we think is not true, Livejournal must not close and I think that the strategy must be to attract new users rather than re incorporate old users. Does anyone have some method to backup all of my blog?
You can create an account on and import your entries onto that account automatically.


April 6 2015, 23:42:34 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  April 7 2015, 23:21:52 UTC

I'm going to go against the grain here and say that this post inspired me to go through my f-list and clean out a few people who really didn't belong there anymore. I also removed those who purged their journals without notice (friend or community), which was tedious. I'll cross my fingers that the few I invited will return and had luck with one already!

I'll add that it is taking a lot of patience to not only do it 1-3 users at a time, but to figure out how it is that you're distributing out those time parameters. I also would have appreciated a warning/instructions here in the post, but fortunately I began sending out invites in an ordered manner. I think this is an important critique from someone whose actually using this opportunity, although I appreciate the negative remarks of those who prefer not to.

I'm having a big issue though with trying to access profiles that seem to jam on script; it's been very difficult to navigate around various script issues ("font errors") since the update. Not sure what is going on.


This isn't a great idea but I really do appreciate that staff are trying to rekindle things. They're obviously trying and that's a good thing.
This seems desperate.....but it's good you're trying, at least.
let's see if any of my friends want to come back lol
i am new in here . add me please

Fandom was probably only a small part of your active English usersbase, but we were probably also your biggest PAYING customers. We were the the ones consistently buying multiple paid accounts, extra icons space, layouts, profile presents... Now all that money is going to Tumblr and Dreamwidth, and I doubt we're ever going to come back, especially not for a measly 1 month's paid, not with all the problems you STILL haven't fixed. (And what do we permanent users get out of this anyway?)

LJ begs all accounts to spam their friends because users contacting people have a chance of the email being open and read instead of hitting the delete button from everyone that has left.

No9tice nothing has been fixed and even more crap has been added delaying loading times and interfering with the user's ability to use the site. Invite people back when they have the even more crap filed bloated bullshit? Seriously April 1st was the correct day for this piece of spammertisement...... 1 mont5h of free paid account features yeah...umm... like.... that's is worth about the energy it would take to click like on someone's birthday/marriage announcement post on shitty facebook. Not worth annoying the friends you have, this is like asking to forward a chain email.

Also don't take the low number of complaints on each announcement to mean anything positive, most user actually almost all have gotten the message giving feedback to LJ is like exhaling into the wind. hence you have you have the response, over how many emails to how many few accounts reactivated or a post was made as favor and they not staying. The numbers you never show tell the truth anyone with the least amount of coding skills and experience with social media and/or promotions knows how pathetic this is and what the turnout response will be. Next you retaliate by deleting accounts of user's friends that they go back and read, alienating the user base farther and giving us even less reason to bother coming here.
I would love to share LJ to my friends community but they will definitely like a site with free SE friendly features. LJ blog require enormous amount of time to index in all major SEs and usually people want to share some useful information on these platforms.


April 7 2015, 23:09:30 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  April 7 2015, 23:12:39 UTC

Are you kidding me? Why would I do that? I only keep this account going for the few remaining fandom communities I follow that haven't decamped elsewhere & to post fic. This was originally an alt account - I deleted my main blog a few years ago & have no regrets. I don't even post on this account anymore, & use LJ as little as possible. Why? Because you apparently responded to the complaints of your interface giving people migraines by MAKING IT EVEN WORSE. I found the new layout that you guys foisted on us amid much protest hideous & harsh on the eyes, but still usable. Then I logged in a few months ago for the first time in a while in order to post something & OH MY GOD MY EYES MY EYES THEY BURN. Harsh white background even brighter than before, blue even paler, with grey text on the blue. And don't even get me started on the new 'post/edit entry' interface (what is even with that font, for a start? I suppose I should be grateful you haven't applied it to comments - though the lines are kinda smushed together - because this hurts to type enough as it is). I was already finding it a hassle formatting things for several different sites, but I'd probably have persisted with posting to LJ longer if it didn't actually hurt to post. As it is, even if I'd kept my main LJ (I haven't bothered to friend anyone on this account as that's not what it's for), I wouldn't invite anyone back.

I see a couple of people insisting that LJ has been better recently. How?! Are those people blind from using the site for so long?

Genuine advice here: If you seriously rebranded, completely redid the look of the site (not necessarily going back to the old look, but something else), & concentrated on what you actually do (blogging site with ability to lock posts, with a simple way to read friends' entries & some community interaction) & *then* tried to encourage people to evangelise (skipping the bribery & just going for 'we have finally listened please give us another go') then you might bring some people back & invigorate people who have hung on. Even that's a longshot though. People have moved on elsewhere. There internet has moved on. Your actions merely accelerated your decline. Thing is though, if you'd listened to people at the time (I get you can't please all the people all the time, but when 99% of people are telling you the same thing, then maaayyybe you should at least take some things they say on board...), you might have staved off disaster, carved yourself a nice little niche with a relatively small but dedicated userbase. But now? *shrug* Probably all you can do is hand it fully over to the Russians.

And now I'm going to rest my eyes.
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