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Invite your friends back to LiveJournal!

Do you have LiveJournal friends you'd like to hear from again but who haven't posted for awhile? Do you sometimes feel like your Friends page doesn't have as much content as it could? Well, now you can invite your friends back and get some free paid time added to your account as well!

We are pleased to announce the Remember promotion, which allows currently active LiveJournal users to send an invitation to their friends who haven't been active for awhile. If your friend accepts the invitation, both you and your friend will receive a month of paid time! You can receive up to 6 months paid time if you invite multiple friends, and a special gift will be given to the person who brings the most people back to LiveJournal!

So, how does it work?
All you need to do is go to while logged in to your LiveJournal account and enter your friend's username (or you can copy/paste the link and send it to them directly). We'll send them an email with a confirmation code, and once they accept, they just need to post a new entry (at any security level) for you both to receive one month of paid time added to your account!

What are the rules for sending and receiving invitations?
The following eligibility restrictions apply:

1) The invited account must have no logins recorded for the past 12 months or longer.

2) You cannot send invitations to your own alternate accounts.

3) Identity accounts (accounts that login via Facebook, Twitter, and so on) can neither send nor receive invitations. Only full LiveJournal accounts can participate.

4) This promotion is currently for non-Cyrillic users only.

Anything else I need to know?
Nope, that's it! So head on over to and help bring your friends back to LiveJournal!
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Considering I found today that LJ has just made the mobile site even more counterintuitive and time-consuming to navigate (I'm pretty sure at this point that they are deliberately trying to make it suck, given how the "why the hell would a sane person ever design this" factor has increased not once but twice within one month)... No.
The account you want to invite back to LJ must be inactive for a year.

I wish the contest rules had mentioned that you're only allotted a number of codes to be generated to invite users back with per account, so you can literally only invite so many people total before it stops you.

"You've sent all codes we've generated for you. Now wait for your friends to return and get your rewards!"

I really wish that had been mentioned in the rules.

Wait, seriously?

Then WTF is the bullshit about "whoever invites the most people back gets free cookies" shit when everyone is limited anyway?

I mean, if they're desparate to bring back old users, why would there be any limit to invite codes at all? A daily limit I understand to avoid someone spamming, but total codes? Yeah, fuck that.


Either LiveJournal didn't think this contest through to completion, or they just wanted to make it extremely difficult (more so than it should have been for a company that wants to bring their old users back, IMO) for someone to win that permanent account.

Thanks for your information.
I hate myself.. And all of you .. Let's burn together LJ


April 13 2015, 09:17:10 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  April 13 2015, 09:27:17 UTC

Invite your old LJ friends back to LiveJournal.

Many of us did that; Not for the paid account, but because we want LiveJournal to be more active. We've been nudging people for years.

What did those returning people find? They found the same technical problems. They see deleted journals in the manage friends list. And, most importantly, they found page after page of dead communities that have not been updated in years and mostly abandoned journals.

Communities are different from Journals. I understand you have to be more careful dealing with Journals and people's written lives, but with communities, all you have to do is make a policy. If a community has not been updated in a year or more, it will be deleted. The owners can come back and undelete it in 60 days, someone else can apply to take it over, but if not, it's gone.

The two biggest reasons I get from people who tell me they are not coming back is the dead communities, number 1. The second is all the abandoned Journals.

Third is they don't want to "diary" their lives to strangers. I try to make them understand they can blog instead, but they see "Journal" and think "Diary."

Fourth is they can't share posts any longer from sites because LiveJournal has been removed from the share function on most sites.

At the least you can get rid of dead communities. If you do that, there's a chance we can start getting people back to LJ.

I wrote an entry about dead communities today. I deleted an inactive community that I created in 2005. It's something we community owners need to do ourselves when our communities are dead and we cannot bring them back to life.

I disagree strongly on removing communities. There's heaps of communities with huge and valuable archives of well curated content that is still of interest even if no one has posted anything new in the last year. Removing these would be a tragedy (and a great loss to fandom especially). The only way I can think of to remove them in a less "culture vandalism" like way is to preserve them as is somewhere, but take them out of the lists of active communities.
Certain communities, sure, keep them, archive them, on a case by case basis. Others don't need to be kept. Add Me Communities don't need to be saved, don't need to be archived. But I agree! Save them, put them off into archives. Let people be able to access them, search them, find posts of worth to them. I am all for that. Just take them out of the active and release the names so they can be used again.

Historical archive is a great idea. :)
I ran an RPG community that was active and popular once - most of my friends have moved on, but to delete that community would be like tearing up a photo album, or worse. Please Don't do it.
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Deleted comment

My friends used to be very active and I'd love to invite them back - but the link you sent doesn't work for me. is the only link I have.
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Is this no longer?
Does remember no longer work?
What happened to the Remember program?
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