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With all our hearts

At long last, we're pleased to announce a new feature. Now, in journal and community entries, there's a button you can click to show the author you liked their entry.
I like this entry.png
We aim to make feedback to authors easier and quicker, as users don’t always have time to come up with a long comment, while short ones (like “+1” or ”cool photo”) often make us feel awkward. Yet it’s so important that authors receive feedback from their readers! Pressing the heart button is simple - it's like waving your hand to a friend, saying "Hi there, I read you!", or writing "Great post, thanks". This can often be the motivation for our favorite authors to write more.

A few words about new settings and options:

We are anxious and excited to hear your opinion about this new feature:) We hope you like it, but don’t hesitate to tell us what you don’t like or inform us of any problems you come across. We truly appreciate your feedback. So click the heart! :)

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Commenting is vital for a journalling platform. I don't feel that a 'like' heart has a place here. This place is supposed to be more interactive than that - you actually take time to read and respond. It's what made LJ different, better.

This inclusion is very disappointing. I hate to be negative, but a lazy click is not LJ's culture.
I've just realized there's an effective way to protest this. The older styles do NOT feature the like buttons. So if everyone who hates the idea moves BACK to an older style, their stupid little button won't be used.


10 months ago

We truly appreciate your feedback. So click the heart! :)

Uh, what heart? I understand that features don't always appear on all servers simultaneously, but you'd think you'd make sure to make it enabled on whatever server news is on if you're announcing it...

Kind of moot, though, since this isn't a feature I like or want on LJ anyway. Quit trying to be Facebook already.


November 2 2016, 08:09:31 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  November 2 2016, 08:10:03 UTC

Oh good, once again you've given us shit no one asked for and no one wanted instead of fixing things or putting in things people wanted like subject headers on comments. Given that you want us to switch to the new friends feed thing which I refuse to use, it's not going to be used by me. I have a Facebook already. This is not Facebook.
I get a subject header when I comment. You don't?
Does this new feature not work on Kindle Fire? I don't see any hearts.
I don't see them even in Firefox on Linux and Windows..
To be honest, I have occasionally found myself looking to hit "like" and then remembering where I am. But here should be a way of disabling it for people don't want others to use it on their entries, if possible.
Meh. Don't really care much, but overall, this is a nope for me.

I hate that folks just "like" or "favorite" things on other sites instead of commenting. Meh. Not for me, thanks.

Leave it along or give up and opt out, please.
The negative reaction to this is hilarious. If you don't like it you don't need to use it. They seem to have even turned notifications off by default.

Feature doesn't seem to work with my theme. Not that it is that important to me.

Oh, I guess if you don't like it you don't even need to see it at all if you pick an old enough theme.
Glad to know you'll be happy not getting comments. But hey, you'll have a tiny little number next to a heart. That should tell you what everyone thinks, and what reactions they're having, and whether they have anything to add, etc. Right?


10 months ago

I use the old version of lj, so I can't even see this new feature. I wouldn't use it, but if it's useful to others, then why not. I still think it would make much more sense on comments than on entries though.
Oh sure, then NOBODY would ever talk to each other. It would just be a big mass of like buttons.
I can't decide if my reaction is

1. Welcome to 2009, LJ!

2. It's too bad 95% of my social media contacts are no longer on LiveJournal.

3. Oh wow, they still pay attention to English speaking users?
Of course not. This is here just to make us THINK someone is listening. Nobody at the other end reads these entries. It's just a way to keep us here, thinking our opinion matters.


10 months ago

no one need nor wants this feature- we like to engage in comments! thats the reason we stay!
more useful would be if the notification troubles would be cleaned up!!!
i know of many users not recieving notifications the wanted or getting stuff they dont want! i myself am one of those!
I like it.. though i don't see it on my journal as of yet.. i've been waiting for this... sometimes you don't have time or don't know what to say to a certain someone's journal entry.. at least you can now respond with a "i read it" heart!! Thank you, LJ! Good Job!!
That stupid heart doesn't tell you ANYTHING. That why we don't want it.
Got a weird email notification today:


1 user(s) likes this - «»Read the latest LiveJournal news at

If you’d like to unsubscribe from this notification, please click here.


No idea what post it refers to? You maybe need to tweak the notification emails?
I'd like some precision instead of "someone likes your entry". Who is this someone?
I don't like it!
This doesn't appear on my journal. I'm sure it has to do with something in my custom layout so I would like a little help to know what I should modify to make it appear.
I like having it. A nice way of saying thank you for someone's time and effort posting when you don't have time or inclination to say anything back. I don't have any problems with people not using it.


November 2 2016, 13:41:24 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  November 2 2016, 13:51:45 UTC

Clicking a button is NOT feedback. It's just another way to pretend you're Facebook. It's just another way to eliminate actual INTERACTION. That's why many of us LEFT Facebook in the first place!

We truly appreciate your feedback.

This is the part that gets me so annoyed. Why? Because it's so clearly a lie. Just like so many other "new features", you get your users saying, "We don't want or even need this!"

What does LJ do? Ignore them and do whatever the blazes they want anyway. NEVER have I seen a response from anyone at LJ on these types of posts.

You don't give a rat's tail about our feedback, opinions, or anything else. Stop lying and saying you do. At least do that. At least be honest.
It's also why some of us NEVER WENT TO FACEBOOK in the first place, but stayed HERE while half the LJ population left in a bratty huff. And abandoned this platform to be sold and twisted and ruined bit by bit.

YEAH, THANKS GUYS. Great friends you turned out to be.


10 months ago


10 months ago


November 2 2016, 13:53:41 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  November 2 2016, 13:57:45 UTC

Honestly, there's a reason I am HERE instead of on Facebook. Please, I beg you, STOP making LJ into a clone of Facebook! This does not give the poster more feedback. This gives the lazy people an excuse to just click a button instead of engaging in interaction. And interaction with my friends list, that's what I am here for.

You keep saying you truly value ur feedback. Then why in God's name do you not listen? This is exactly what so many DO NOT want, more options to make LJ look like Facebook.
They don't value our feedback, and they never have.


You think they want feedback? You think they want opinions? You think they WANT US HERE AT ALL???

Of course not. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't be surprised if LJ didn't get bought so it could be used to gather data. WE WILL NEVER MATTER TO THEM.
How do I turn this off? I don't want people "liking" my entries. One of the reasons I made an account here was because I wanted to stay away from "likes", "ratings", and all of those other elements of popularity contests.
Same here. I don't want people having even the option of liking my enties. A 'Like' is meaningless, I want to hear what people think and feel, not a bland and insipid like which doesn't even necessarily mean they read it, just that they were passing and clicked a button because it was there.

So far someone has 'Liked' one of my posts to a community. The story I posted is not there but on my journal, I simply post links to relevant communities. I don't even know WHO liked it, just that some anonymous person did. How can that be equated to feedback? I want to turn this feature OFF and keep it off. How do I do that?
Hmmm. The existence of "Like" on Facebook is justified, because most of the time people post short low-effort posts such as quizzes and memes, links to articles, photos without an accompanying story, somebody else's re-shared posts, "showerthoughts" and quotes, etc. On LJ, most of the posts are high-effort, thoughtful and with original content. They deserve a better feedback than a button click. Maybe even a like is better than nothing (although it's totally useless if it doesn't give you the name of the person who provided the feedback), but in general, encouraging the users of a writing/journaling site to interact in primitive pictograms is not a good thing.

THIS. A 'like' to a five hundred word meta post, or a couple-thousand word fic post is just...pointless.


10 months ago


10 months ago

Absolutely do not 'like' it, at all. And am pleased to report it doesn't show up on my 'theme' at all. Yay! If it did, however, I would opt out. There should *always always always* be an opt out, if you're not going to make crap like this 'opt in' to begin with.
Meh. Isn't the reason we're all here is to actually interact with people? Why dumb it down to fb standards? But, really, since I am here for that personal interaction, I don't use the shortcuts anyway. It will really come down to those who care enough to really interact and invest the time to comment personally will continue to do so; those who don't will use the buttons so they can let me know they were here, but don't care enough to take the time to actually let me know what they think or feel. & in doing so will fall just a little bit in my esteem so that any later comments may not carry the importance to me that they may have before.
It's why I hate Tumblr so much. All you get over there is reblogging and likes. No one ever says why they liked something or didn't like it! Here I made friends through conversations in our comments. How can you really get to know people (even on the social media level) by just clicking a button?

I know that as a writer I've started posting less. I still write for myself, but the enthusiasm for sharing it has lessened with the scarcity of feedback in the last few years. If I don't know that I'm connecting with people, it's like posting into a vacuum. *shrugs*
I hear you. Where I used to lots of comments on a story, now I'm lucky if I get 2 or 3. It's all because nobody wants to take thirty seconds out of their day and SAY SOMETHING. It makes me feel like just quitting writing sometimes. And now these stupid buttons? What's next, eternal scrolling???


10 months ago

The ONE THING that makes Livejournal different is the ABSENCE of those HORRIBLE like buttons! On LJ, people TALK TO EACH OTHER. Now you've just made it possible for people to avoid commenting on a post or a comment EVER. The fact that LJ DOESN'T have those horrible horrible like buttons is what MAKES THIS PLACE A COMMUNITY, instead of some stupid pinboard where nobody ever talks to each other and it's all about ME ME ME ME and noone ever engages. This isn't a laundry list or a scrapboard or a stupid bookmarking site.



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