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With all our hearts

At long last, we're pleased to announce a new feature. Now, in journal and community entries, there's a button you can click to show the author you liked their entry.
I like this entry.png
We aim to make feedback to authors easier and quicker, as users don’t always have time to come up with a long comment, while short ones (like “+1” or ”cool photo”) often make us feel awkward. Yet it’s so important that authors receive feedback from their readers! Pressing the heart button is simple - it's like waving your hand to a friend, saying "Hi there, I read you!", or writing "Great post, thanks". This can often be the motivation for our favorite authors to write more.

A few words about new settings and options:

We are anxious and excited to hear your opinion about this new feature:) We hope you like it, but don’t hesitate to tell us what you don’t like or inform us of any problems you come across. We truly appreciate your feedback. So click the heart! :)

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On my phone, the heart icon is far too close to the number where you click to see comments. I've accidentally 'liked' 3 posts today when I just wanted to read the comments.

Liked? Far from it.


November 2 2016, 17:03:07 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  November 2 2016, 17:03:56 UTC

I completely dislike the new "heart" feature. What a waste. I want to opt-out of this feature.
Oh, jeez. This was the LAST thing I wanted in LJ.

Live Journal has been the last bastion of sites where people actually COMMENT on things, which is what makes writing and posting worthwhile. The "Kudos" button at Archive Of Our Own (AO3) is hated by a lot of authors for that reason-- people leave actual comments at LJ and at, but just hit the "Kudos" button at AO3.

It is actually very UNrewarding to put real effort into working up an entry and just get "like" as a response. :(

I need a "Hate" button for this concept.

Wow, the angry comments are surprising. I've long lost count of how many times I've seen people respond, "We really need a like button," and such to a comment. I mean, if you don't want to use the like button... don't?

Personally, I'm pleased. The like button may not be particularly deep, but neither are dozens of "+1" or "I agree" responses to things. It's a quick, simple way of saying, "I have nothing to add but I'm with you."
How about if you don't want people using the like button on your entries?


8 months ago


8 months ago


Let us opt out, or give us more nuance than just a heart (you know, like Facebook recently did).

Better yet, both!
somehow snapchat does great without likes....
Do the notifications actually work? I've received likes but no email notification, although the feature appeared to be switched on.
I've had a notification but can't find the button, even on my post where someone has clicked it!
I received an email stating that someone liked my post. It didn't tell me who, just that someone did. I looked on my post. Nothing there. I scoured my account. Nothing. The email linked to the news announcement, so I'm not sure if this feature is still buggy or if the email was just your attempt to get me to read about the new feature.
THANK YOU!!! I've been wanting this forever.

Now... can you please add one for comments, too?
I am very happy to have a 'like button' - I would actually like to use it -except I can't see it, even on the post in my own journal where someone has actually clicked it!

Why is it not visible to me anywhere on LJ? Do I need to alter a setting somewhere to allow it? And if so, how can other people see it on my posts when I can't?
As someone said here, it is only available to journals in 'new style'. Old style doesn't have it.
The whole point of livejournal is to communicate. You're only making it easier for people to spend less time doing what your site was all about in the first place. :( It's a very sad day when pressing a button is all the feedback and interaction we're going to have in LJ. Very sad indeed.
Reading these comments reminds me of working in a nursing home. One small change and there's a riot. People who don't like to leave comments aren't going to leave comments whether there's a like button or not. This won't change anything.
I definitely agree with this comment!


8 months ago

I might be one of the few that prefer the old LJ. I have such great memories and met so many people by conversations with context. But my friend's list has maybe a handful of people left. I don't know if this will help, I would hate to have a FB type of vibe here because I do not care for FB. I think most people have left FB to the "AOLers" and left for other apps. I don't see by trailing behind FB would help you at all? But something has to be done to keep LJ up and running. Any Ideas out there?
Soooooo... how do I opt out?
When are you adding tags back to Scrapbook :U
Мне нравится! Спасибо.
This is a terrible feature! You can't even see who "likes" your post. It's a cheap cop-out to commenting. If all I was after was likes, I'd blog at Tumblr or just put everything on Facebook.
Epic fail on this one, LJ.


November 3 2016, 20:26:30 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  November 3 2016, 20:27:39 UTC

Why don't I have a heart on my page? I have a paid account but I cannot see hearts on my LJ page or that of any of my friends list.

I cannot see the heart icon on the leave a comment part of this page either.
I have a permanent account and I don't have the heart either. One of my LJ friends said it's because I never switched to a "newer" version of LJ when given the opportunity several years ago. I received an email notice about the heart addition and it didn't say you had to have the newest version of LJ to use this feature. I dunno....

I don't see it.

But I bet you have to have the new journal, right? Not classic.

Can we have a Dislike button to go with that, please?
I've gotten notified of someone liking my posts, but I can't see WHO liked it. Why not?
I would love to read the answer to that from LJ staff. My running theory is that the person who liked my posts has their settings on something that keeps anyone from seeing them who isn't a friend?
I like it, I'm looking forward to having more time to blog now that my life is slowing down a bit and it's nice to have options. I notice that I might be in the minority in liking changes but I have found that changes are what keep sites alive. On the other hand an opt out feature might not be a bad idea for those who don't want their readers to be able to like or unlike their postings. Haha that way you achieve the impossible by making everyone happy?
A lot of the comments say something about the heart thing being "like Facebook" and the commenter "not wanting to be on Facebook", "not liking Facebook" etc... ummm LOL how do you know it's like Facebook if you aren't using Facebook? ... sorry, couldn't help it, my humor demands that kinda incongruity be addressed. I'm not much of a Facebook user so the heart connection being like Facebook didn't occur to me. I thought it was a bit like Instagram which I do use. OK, randomness done now. Feel free to delete the comment if it is considered off topic, won't hurt my feelings. Guess this is when I discover if Live Journal users can handle a bit of humor or not.
Please make an option to make likes anonymous so that only the author of the blog could see the people who liked the post.
If I wanted mindless and meaningless Facebook flattery I'd use Facebook. Hope there's a way for individual accounts to disable or opt out of this so-called "feature" rather than it being forced on everyone. My friends here still actually talk and I'd like to keep it that way.
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