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With all our hearts

At long last, we're pleased to announce a new feature. Now, in journal and community entries, there's a button you can click to show the author you liked their entry.
I like this entry.png
We aim to make feedback to authors easier and quicker, as users don’t always have time to come up with a long comment, while short ones (like “+1” or ”cool photo”) often make us feel awkward. Yet it’s so important that authors receive feedback from their readers! Pressing the heart button is simple - it's like waving your hand to a friend, saying "Hi there, I read you!", or writing "Great post, thanks". This can often be the motivation for our favorite authors to write more.

A few words about new settings and options:

We are anxious and excited to hear your opinion about this new feature:) We hope you like it, but don’t hesitate to tell us what you don’t like or inform us of any problems you come across. We truly appreciate your feedback. So click the heart! :)

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Do the users whose post was liked not get notified of who it was that liked their post??
This! If you send me a notification someone liked my post, how hard is it to name the username in that notification? The hearts don't show up on my layout, so now I have no way of finding out who liked my post. :/
I don't like this and I don't plan on using this feature.

It seems like all social media sites are trying to become more like each other, while losing the unique qualities that made them popular in the first place.
If they all become too similar, I won't have much use for my many accounts anymore.

One of the nice things about LiveJournal is the dialogue and the comments. This new feature has the potential to take away from that. Instead of commenting, people may only click this heart button. I'd rather have people leave comments than to click a generic "like". It doesn't matter if the comment is short. Besides, once that comment box has been opened, users may find they have more to say than they initially anticipated, which can lead to more dialogue or a conversation.

update the app

I didn't read all the comments here, but all I SAW as I scanned through were "Dislikes"-- and I am among them. I won't be using that "Like" button because LJ is about deeper interaction than Facebook usually is.

Look, if you want to be "bigger than FB", well, good luck. Facebook took LiveJournal as its inspiration and that's how it goes. Try to be different from FB in ways that ENHANCE the LJ experience, and perhaps you will draw more users into the LJ fold... If that's what you're even going for. I don't really understand the mission of LiveJournal anymore.

--Ravengirl (user since 1999, journaler since 2000)


November 6 2016, 19:46:48 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  November 6 2016, 20:04:05 UTC

i don't care for this idea either but it looks as though the feature has been removed though when i am logged out, i still have a heart next to my comment option.... please help. i'm confused. i want the feature deactivated for my account.

Deleted comment


November 7 2016, 06:27:45 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  November 7 2016, 06:32:30 UTC

This is useless to me.

I just got a notification e-mail that someone "liked" my entry. The e-mail doesn't give the person's name, just the entry URL, but the heart doesn't show up on my home skin and doesn't show up on the smartphone version, so I still have no idea who did it. I'm not changing from S1 for this feature. It looks like your sample page on this entry and the Statistics page don't list who the likers are either, so without knowing who these folks are what's the point?
so chill :)
Do we have now the short way to say "It sucks" for such posts?
Good one!
Why the hell would you be stupid enough to
a) implement this even on designs that don't support it,
b) not allow people any way to see WHO "liked" your post?

I'm not dead set against the "Like" as such; sure, it's part of a net-wide trend to remove actual words from the equation and reduce everything to "Funny picture!" "Like!", but we can hardly blame LJ alone for that; it's not an improvement, but it's probably inescapable. But what on Satan's black Earth possessed you to think it was a good idea to make the function anonymous?!? If you're going to fuck things up, at least fuck them up competently.
I'm afraid I'm not keen on this at all.

I come to LJ for the community, the conversations, and to interact and have fun with people I've grown to know and be friends with over the years. Introducing the Like facility will lead to a reduction in meaningful interaction, and the character of LJ will be lost. Please stop trying to turn it into Facebook, you need it to retain its own identity if it's going to survive.

In terms of fan fiction, if I want Likes/Kudos, I'll use AO3. It's easy for the reader, but far fewer comments are left, and there is very little sense of community, it's more of an archive, which is fine if that's what you want. For feedback and community, LJ is better, BUT trying to turn it into a clone of other social media sites will removes its unique selling point.
Will you be adding https security to your website?
just another improvement to be better LJ...
AARGH. I just got an email that someone has "like"d one of my posts. I don't know who. It doesn't show up on the post. There's no notification setting I can find to turn off the email.

It's a "spam me" button, nothing more or less.



November 15 2016, 07:30:07 UTC 8 months ago Edited:  November 15 2016, 07:30:26 UTC

The email I received has a link at the bottom saying "If you’d like to unsubscribe from this notification, please click here" with "here" being a link to You might be able to just substitute in your own username.

But I agree - the notification is absolutely pointless as long as it doesn't say who that "someone" is.


8 months ago


8 months ago

Please tell us we can disable this in our settings. PLEASE.

One of the things I liked was that we DIDN'T have that option here.

SO... what is going to become of this? Are you folks going to go ahead and do away with it or what? I still cannot see the feature, even after switching over to the "new version." If you aren't going to take it away, PLEASE let us be able to DISABLE it, because it is annoying as hell to keep getting "someone liked your post," when I can't even see who the hell it is.

Can you please let us know something? Someone please answer me?

I received an email stating that someone had LIKED my post. It never said WHO liked it or even which post they LIKED. I'm not fond of this feature at all. The beauty and appeal to LiveJournal is actually CONVERSING with my friends. Hitting LIKE has become a popularity thing on Facebook. HOW MANY LIKES CAN I GET FOR THIS PICTUE? HOW MANY LIKES CAN I GET FOR (insert intent here). I hate those things and LJ should not be a Facebook clone. I want people to actually TALK to me so I can actually talk to them. That's why I come here when I'm fed up with FB (which is happening a lot these days)

Please make it stop.
Sorry, don't care for this at all. What is the point of telling us that someone liked our post without telling us who? It's a bit creepy, if I'm honest.
Absolutely! That's my concern too!

Deleted comment

Can we PLEASE be able to disable getting emails for people liking our posts? There's nothing in the settings to stop that. It's annoying and pointless. It's liking getting an email, someone looked at your post.

How about updating the adroid app instead of this crap?
I hate this with passion.

We come and post our thoughts and feelings and lives here and people can get away with a mere like???
Anyone who wants to do that can fuck off to Facebook.
This is LiveJOURNAL
Email notifications about Likes are useless. Why don't you include who liked the entry in the mail?

Deleted comment

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