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LiveJournal: Important Updates

Control of LiveJournal as a blogging platform has been transferred to SUP Media LLC, a legal entity based in the Russian Federation. This decision stems from the urge to become closer to our users, most of whom live in Europe and Russia. Every LiveJournal user will be offered to sign the new User Agreement with SUP Media. Paid services, however, will still be provided by Live Journal Inc.

Despite the changes, LiveJournal remains an international blogging platform. Specifically, LiveJournal’s policy on user privacy and data security has undergone no major changes.

Starting from April 4th 2017, non-authorized users will see advertisements on all LiveJournal pages.

The accounts system is simplified. Accounts are now differentiated only by their authorization type:
- Account (authorization via LiveJournal login and password);
- Identity Account (authorization via social networks accounts or OpenID).

LiveJournal users can continue using additional packages of services to expand the potential of their accounts. The “Professional” services package, available in the LiveJournal Shop, is almost identical to the former Paid account package – except that available disk space has been increased to 100 GB. Accounts with the “Permanent” services package (formerly Permanent accounts) now have 1 TB disk space available.

All accounts with additional services packages in effect on April 4th 2017, will be granted extra time for those packages. They will be extended by half of the last paid period.
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Thank you for informing users of this. As a paid account holder I am befuddled, where exactly is Live Journal Inc? Isn't that in Russia too?
Nope. Live Journal inc. is still based in CA, US.
"professional package of service" is a really bad..... name. Should just leave it as "Paid account" or maybe change it to "Pro account"
I can't say that I am exactly impressed by the change without notification thank you! I've used LJ 15 years or more, shunning other blog sites which are more popular but are Not Here. LiveJournal is an incredibly special part of my life and as a Permanent Account holder I hope that this won't change anything detrimental to LJ. Good luck to the new owners but please, don't mess us users about. We've been here decades because we like it, LJ has seen many other major places go over the years. Long may LiveJournal reign ☺
Thank you. Our users are still our the most worth value.
Every LiveJournal user will be offered to sign the new User Agreement with SUP Media.

I think you mean REQUIRED to sign the new User Agreement. I was not allowed to access my LJ until I clicked the agreement. Every time I clicked "Ask me later" LJ tried to sign me out.

(Also your link to the Professional account in the shop has an unnecessary double quote in it that gives you the Frank The Goat page not found screen.)
Thank you, the link was fixed.
Hey guys -- your links in this post are all broken. It looks like there's a stray asterisk at the end of each linked URL. Just FYI.
Thx. Fxd.
Your link to the user agreement doesn't work
Now It should. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
The link to the tos doesn't work, so I can't assess what the changes mean.

What happens if a historical lj doesn't sign the new tos?
They want be able to proceed being authorised in account. This is similar to registration in any social network.
User agreenent link broken
Thanks. Fixed.