Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in news,

Account notification problem

If you received a message in your e-mail about your account expiring today, please ignore it.

During the maintenance job to expire old accounts, a glitch hit the system which set the expire times on everyone's accounts minus three years. That caused every paid member to get an expiration notice... oops. Sorry. We've fixed things for now and will stamp out the bug ASAP so that it never comes back.

Some of you almost certainly would have received a notice about your account expiring today, since I'm sure some accounts are getting close to that time. To determine the true status of your account, log in and click on your user info llink on your journal page or on the main LiveJournal page. Your account status is displayed at the bottom of the user info page.

Want to do me a favor? Link to this in your journal. I've had over 800 e-mails flood my box since 1am and I can use some sleep... and less e-mails. If you need to contact me regarding any other issue, please give it 24 hours. I'm pretty much out of commission for the day and will probably delete most everything that hits my mailbox until then.

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