Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in news,
Jesse Proulx

New feature: Tags

After a bit of a bumpy ride, we have released full Tags support for LiveJournal!

LiveJournal now lets you add tags to your entries when you post. Tags let you organize your entries into categories so that you and your friends can quickly find related entries in your journal. For example, you could tag all of your entries about your pet cat Gabe with "gabe" and "pets", then anybody who goes to your journal can read all of your entries about your fluffy ball of terror.

The tags system is fully integrated into S2, in both the public system styles and in custom styles. You don't have to do anything! Of course, style authors are welcome to customize how the tags are presented. (Please stay tuned to </a></b></a>s2howto for more information!)

We've worked hard to bring you this new feature and hope that you enjoy using it as much as we've enjoyed making it! For now, here are some useful links:
Finally, if you're one of the users that found their style reset to Generator -- we're very sorry! The problem has since been resolved, and your journal should have returned to normal. If it hasn't, please visit the Customize My Journal page and set your style back to what you were using. That should set you back to the old style complete with all your old customizations.

This release lays the foundation for some really fun tag related feature possibilities in the future, but those will only be as good as the tags you put on your entries.

So, tag! ... you're it!
I've been doing Technorati tags and similar tags on my posts for some time. See this post for details. (And for a pretty decent explanation of what tagging is and why it is important.)

So my question is: Are these tags compatible with Technorati tags? Or do I need to continue tagging separately, as I have been doing, for that?


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