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July 12, 2012: The official LiveJournal Release 94 is now live. Here are the new features and bug fixes you’ll find in this latest site-wide update. (This information can also be found at lj_releases

  • Poll creation can now be used by all members, no matter what type of account they have.
  • Cyrillic users now see "This entry was promoted in Promo" when a promo entry is recommended.
  • Mobile site readers now have "Prev Entry Next Entry" buttons when viewing entries.
  • Members can now log in via XML-RPC with an identity account.
  • Spell-check is fixed. 
  • In S2 comment page styles, collapsed threads correctly show subject lines again. 
  • In S2 comment page styles, local time -- not UTC -- is now shown if there is a set time zone. 
  • Fast Repost entries on a friends page should now always show the username of who re-posted the entry, no matter what style is used. 
  • Pingback Bot now gives pingbacks for Fast Repost entries.
  • Added date and username of purchasing account to order-confirmation emails.
  • If you have selected "Show CAPTCHA to nobody," anonymous users will now be able to comment without going through the CAPTCHA process.
  • Fixed a case where mini-calendars were showing two Tuesdays, and adjusted Cyrillic-user calendars to start on Monday instead of Sunday.
  • Community emails now show the community name instead of "LiveJournal" as the sender.
  • Optimizations were made to the scripts that display comments on the S1/"new" comment page.
  • Users should no longer be redirected to a login page when viewing a public entry.
-The LiveJournal Team

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June 18, 2012: The official LiveJournal Release 93 is now live. Following are the new features, updates and bug fixes you'll find in this latest site update:


CAPTCHA -- the "prove you are a human" test -- will no longer display for LiveJournal members who have reached above a certain level of Social Capital. Note that while Social Capital does not display for members who do not have Cyrillic Services enabled, a background calculation is still implemented for every account. This means that if you have an active, well-established account, you should no longer see CAPTCHAs on the site while logged in, even in entries with 5,000-plus comments, or in journals that have opted to display CAPTCHAs to everyone.

REPOST -- There is now a new way to repost entries. This feature can be selected in the LJ-Like menu in the Rich Text Editor, or by entering <lj-like buttons="repost" /> into the HTML editor. If the original entry author has used this new <lj-like> method of including a repost button, reposting that entry will display in your latest entries as a post by the user who originally posted the entry. If multiple people on your friends list repost the same entry that was created with this new method, only one instance of it will appear on your friends page. All links, including commenting options, will point to the original entry, and the number of times an entry has been reposted will display next to the button. The repost button that is created when this method is used looks like this:


The entry which is reposted will retain the security settings of the original entry. If someone posts an entry at a Friends Only security level and opts to include the repost button, only friends of the original author will be able to see the re-posted entry. This will prevent anyone who has previously included an <lj-like> tag in their post from unintentionally exposing their entry to users they have not added as friends on LiveJournal.

Note: This feature does not replace the existing <lj-repost> feature which acts as if it were an entry posted by the person using the repost feature. No changes have been made to the way using <lj-repost> functions or displays.

COMMUNITY EMAIL -- This feature lets community owners and maintainers send an email to all members of the community, provided the community is a paid or permanent account. The option for Community Email appears at for community maintainers and owners, which serves as a link to the page where you can email community members. There is a limit of one emailing per day for any community, and opt-out information is automatically included in every email sent.

Over the past month, LiveJournal has added NEW JOURNAL STYLES. Check out the updated list of Featured Styles on

  • The warning about paid time/storage space running out in Scrapbook will only display when you are actually near your storage limit or your paid/extra storage space time is about to expire.
  • Posting a comment with the quick reply form in S2 comment pages should properly return you to the newly posted comment.
  • If an OpenID account has commented to an entry, and that account has been purged or converted to a normal account, it will no longer cause the entry to display Error 500.
  • The S1 Magazine style no longer displays extra text like "<=LASTN_EVENT_PROTECTED" at the top of the page.
- The LiveJournal Team


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May 23, 2012 - The official LiveJournal Release 92 has been deployed. Here’s what you’ll find in this latest site update:

  • Particularly long comment threads now collapse with the alert “...and [#] more comments.” Just click on that alert to see the rest of the comments. Here’s what this looks like:

  • Notification emails now hide any content that was already placed inside an lj-cut instead of displaying the entire entry.

  • Social Capital is now displayed for all communities on the profile page.

  • You can now embed the Spotify player into your journal or community style.

  • Personal userheads are now available for purchase. A personal userhead is of your own design and is unique to you, unavailable to anyone else. Purchase as many personal userheads as you like; each costs 5,000 LJ FunBux™, and is good for five years. Learn more.

  • Scheduled entries should no longer return errors or double-post.

  • Domain mapping should no longer force redirection to the LiveJournal login page.

  • The format=light URL modifier works on entry pages again.

  • Comment notification emails will send even if the entry has a poll.

  • The "Music" section on the edit entries page will let you delete the entire text field.

  • The help link next to “Do not add to friends pages and RSS” on the update page now links to the correct FAQ.

  • The list of journals and communities added by default for new users has changed to news and lj_releases for non-Cyrillic users.

  • Missing navigation items in the Classic journal style have re-appeared.

  • Notifications about expiring add-ons will now have correct subject lines.

  • The bold/italic/strikethrough buttons in the site default commenting scheme should no longer cause cursor positioning problems in Chrome.

  • The Calendar feature will now update properly when you edit an entry and change its date.

Join us in standing up for reproductive health and education. Through the end of the month, you can send a specially designed Planned Parenthood vgift to your LiveJournal friends to help support this cause. (And if you need someone to send it to frank is always happy to receive gifts!). There are three variations for you to choose from ($1, $5 and $10), but they’d all look good on your profile. Thank you for your support! Learn more.

- The LiveJournal Team

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May 21, 2012: Three weeks ago we officially announced the plan to overhaul Scrapbook, LiveJournal’s exclusive photo-hosting feature for Plus, Paid and Perm accounts. Today we’re letting you know that the new Scrapbook will release this week; in anticipation, we want to give you a bit more information on some additional changes that have been made. The newest additions to the FAQ are under the cut; the original FAQ about the new Scrapbook is in the previous news post.

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April 30, 2012 - Scrapbook, LiveJournal’s exclusive photo-hosting feature for Plus, Paid and Perm accounts, is being replaced by...Scrapbook. In a continuing effort to improve site features and performance, LiveJournal is planning a complete overhaul of Scrapbook. The “new and improved” Scrapbook is expected to go live within the first half of May.   

Once the switch occurs, Scrapbook users will see a totally new look, an easier-to-use interface; and in most cases, speedier performance. All images will automatically migrate to the new system, with image and gallery names preserved.

LiveJournal has developed a FAQ for the new Scrapbook; you can read it below under the cut or at lj_releases.

If you are a member of the Scrapbook beta-test community you can begin migrating your files to the new Scrapbook now. Go to lj_pics_beta for more information.


LiveJournal Release 91 is Live: New Features, Bug Fixes and More
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LiveJournal Release 91 is live! Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

Moderators: Edit tags BEFORE approving an entry
Any of the thousands of mods on LiveJournal communities can attest to the hassle of editing tags after they’ve approved a post. Release 91 fixes this: Moderators can now edit tags before approving a post – especially useful if your community has pre-set tags.
Community Owners and Maintainers: See at a glance who approved that post
To keep track of who approves posts to the community you own or maintain – especially large ones with more than a few moderators – the username of who approved the post now appears above the entry subject line (visible to community owners & maintainers only). Note this feature is only available if the LiveJournal default comment pages are being used.
Everybody: Scissors for lj-cut
For those of you who use lj-cut or visit communities and journals that do, you’ll notice a new icon depicting a pair of scissors – ✂ – to denote where the cut is.

LiveJournal Release 91 fixes the following known bugs:

Commenting Fixes
  • Selecting a userpic with multiple keywords will no longer cause the comment to post with your default userpic.
  • Userpics can now be selected without the use of a mouse. Press Shift+tab until the userpic selector is highlighted, press enter, use the arrow keys to select the desired userpic, and press enter. You can also now use the arrow keys to select your desired userpic after clicking on the userpic selector to open it.
  • Expanding very long comment threads in the site default commenting scheme will now properly expand the thread.
  • Expand links will now appear even if every comment in a thread is frozen.
  • Bold, italic, and underline buttons should now insert these tags in the correct places.
  • "Your message was blank" errors no longer appear when hitting ctrl+enter twice.

Other fixes
  • The Rich Text Editor will again show where you have inserted lj-cut and lj-spoiler tags.
  • Settings for displaying CAPTCHAs in communities use the community's setting instead of the entry-author's setting.
  • General display problems with image placeholders have been fixed.
  • Formatting errors on the Sitemap have been fixed.
  • "Share this" links have been fixed in styles where it was not functioning.
  • Journal titles should appear again for Internet Explorer 8 users in the system styles that weren't displaying them.

LiveJournal is saying goodbye to the beta games implementation. You’ll notice “Games” has disappeared from the LiveJournal navigation bar, and all of the games have been removed from the site.

Writer's Block
For those missing Writer's Block, please know that though it was removed from the LiveJournal home page, the writersblock community remains alive and kicking. Add it to your friends list to see the day's question right on your Friends page.

We hope you find the updates, changes, and fixes in LiveJournal Release 91 useful.

The LiveJournal Team

LiveJournal Release 90 is Here
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Sticky posts, spoiler tags, scheduled posts, and bug fixes included in this latest site update; plus special announcements.

Today we welcome Release 90, which includes the latest updates, changes and additions to LiveJournal. We also have a few bug fixes, and announcements to share -- so strap in, hold on tight, here we go…

First, what's new:

Sticky Posts: Easy - No work-around needed!
For those communities and journals that have wanted a post to remain permanently in place without it being pushed down by a new entry – like a ‘Welcome” post – sitcky posts make it easy. On the Update page, you’ll find the option "Make sticky post.” When you select this option, the entry you chose will now appear as the top entry to anyone who views your journal or community. You can only have one sticky entry per journal or community. Note that if you post a new entry with sticky post enabled, it will become the new top entry and the previous sticky post will revert to being a normal entry. If an entry is a sticky post, this icon  will appear in the same location as the entry security level icon appears.

Scheduled Entries: Post while you’re away!
There may be times when you don’t want to post an entry right away, or you might have more than one entry that you’d like to space apart rather than all at the same time. With Release 90, you can now schedule your entries to be posted at a future date and time, rather than immediately post it. You can view and manage scheduled entries here:

Spoiler Tags: Plots no longer ruined!
How many times have you visited your favorite TV show fan community only to find someone has carelessly posted an unknown plot detail without the courtesy of a spoiler alert? Release 90 is here to help: You can now add spoilers to an entry through use of the <lj-spoiler> tag. Though similar to an lj-cut, an lj-spoiler does not require a new page to load when clicked. Clicking the link will expand the hidden text inline. Plus, it works on both entries and comments. You can customize the text by using the format <lj-spoiler text=”Custom text goes here”>. There is also a new button for lj-spoiler in the Rich Text Editor Spoiler Icon that can be used in the same way the lj-cut button is used.

Comment Image Placeholders: Less memory drain and NSFW images
You’re at school or work, reading the comments in your favorite LiveJournal community, and suddenly an image appears that is not safe to be viewed in public. Now you can replace images in comments with a small placeholder image! This option is also useful for when there are too many large images to load. Find the new comment image placeholder option here:

Popular Communities: Homepage addition features Top 10 communities
LiveJournal communities are vibrant, active and interesting, and we think the more the ways to discover new communities, the better. Release 90 includes a new module on the homepage that highlights the Top 10 most popular LiveJournal communities. Communities are chosen based on special algorithms that calculate a community’s “status” through the level of its activity. Learn more here: You can also see more than 10 of the most popular communities at
Bugs, fixed
LiveJournal Release 90 fixes a few known bugs:
  • Comments left by deleted accounts will display again, instead of incorrectly showing all such comments as having been deleted.

  • Comment headers should no longer incorrectly be excessively large for comments with subject lines.

  • Bold, italic, and underline buttons in the comment form will now insert html in the correct places when used.

  • Userpics should display properly in your journal when the option to use the old style comment pages is enabled.

  • Flexible Squares styles have had their comment page navigation/pagination options restored.

  • Email notifications now contain the correct URL for the options to screen or delete comments.

Within the coming weeks we will be saying goodbye to two LiveJournal features.

Games Discontinued
We resisted writing “game over for games on LiveJournal,” but yes, on April 9, the Games tab will disappear from the LiveJournal navigation bar, and games – including Sim Hospital, Airport and City Gangs – will no longer be available to play.

Writer's Block Ending
After many successful years as a LiveJournal homepage fixture, it is time to say goodbye to Writer’s Block Question of the Day. Our thanks to all who have participated in and shared our daily often quirky queries. We expect Writer’s Block to end within the next couple weeks; in the meantime, have fun answering the remaining questions. If you’re looking to continue your addiction to answering questions, feel free to check out thequestionclub or ask_me_anything.

We hope you find Release 90 useful. As always, we welcome your comments.

LJ News: February 24th, 2012
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February 24, 2012
Bits and bytes from around the site

Release 89: Top Entries, Commenting Updates, and More

The latest LiveJournal site update – Release 89 – is alive and kicking. Noteworthy changes include:

  • Popular Entries now on the LiveJournal homepage: This fun new feature highlights the 25 most viewed public community entries (not flagged as adult concepts or adult content) on LiveJournal. The homepage feature also links to an expanded list of popular community entries that you can sort by page views or visitors. Learn more about this feature in this FAQ.
  • Purging of inactive accounts: As we noted earlier, inactive accounts are being deleted from the system. Any account that hasn't been logged into for two years and has never posted an entry will be subject to removal.
  • Classic commenting format for Minimalism styles: A new commenting scheme that mimics the previous default commenting scheme has been developed for Minimalism styles. This option is available on the Customize journal page by enabling customized comment pages and enabling the "Use classic commenting page" option.

Check out lj_releases for complete details related to Release 89.

Announcing LJ Media; Plus: Community Leader Summit

Last week was an exciting and busy one for LiveJournal. It began with the official announcement of LJ Media, a new online publishing group created to find active and interesting LiveJournal communities that desire to grow, and then help transform them into media sites. Along with this announcement, the first LiveJournal Community Leader Summit was held in San Francisco. Joining us for a day of presentations, discussion, and good food were awesome owners and mods from six LiveJournal communities that are also the inaugural sites within LJ Media: Anything Diz, Arama They Didn’t, VaginaPagina, Craftgrrl, ONTD Political and ONTD Games. We plan 40-50 LJ Media communities by the end of 2012. Learn more.

Featured Communities

Craftgrrl presents Crafts for Charity

Crafting community craftgrrl is collecting pillowcases for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. Check out this creative cause that's bringing comfort to hospitalized children.

Photophile picture of the week

Congrats to harnessphoto, winner of last week's lj_photophile contest! This week's contest is in full swing. Vote for your favorite photo!

Free vGift for Paid and Permanent members

If you have a Paid or Permanent account, you can send six Blue Dragons now until Monday, February 27th, at midnight, PDT! You'll see both the free and the $0.99 vGifts displayed until you've sent them to your friends.

LJ Scribe announcements

Congratulations to darklotus1211, macaparket, monochrome_song, and blueskywriter, who won prompt #51 of our lj_scribe writing contest! We've selected 6 finalists in response to our 52nd prompt theme for your review.

LJ's revamped newsletter layout

This week we're bringing you the news from the comfort of our shiny newsletter layout. Let us know what you think! If you prefer a stripped-down approach to LiveJournal news then check out simplynews.

Copyright © 2012 LiveJournal | Visit simplynews to view the news with minimal text formatting.

State of the Goat 2012
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Bienvenue, dobro požalovat', bienvenidos, and welcome! Thank you for sharing another year with LiveJournal, home to some of the liveliest discussions on the Internet. Archived within LiveJournal are nearly 13 years of memories, memes, triumphs, and tragedies encapsulated in entries written by millions of people across the globe. LiveJournal members embody the spirit of passionate individual expression. We are continually grateful to be a part of your daily life.

LiveJournal's history and vision, as far as Internet experiences go, is extensive. While the gatekeepers and direction have varied over the years, two major elements factor into deciding how the site experience evolves. First, the core belief that LiveJournal is a safe harbor for expression, outreach, and discussion. Second, the idea that member feedback is vital. Looking ahead to 2012 and beyond, together we can create a LiveJournal experience that excels beyond anything we've ever accomplished.

A part of improving that experience begins with the site itself. “Under the hood” of every entry shared on LiveJournal is an infrastructure that holds it all together, roughly 13 years worth of infrastructure designed to allow members extensive flexibility over style layouts and content placement. That's a lot of programming code over the years and some of it has to be replaced. We're making changes behind the scenes that will improve our production and testing process, which in turn will create a better user experience for members when a feature goes live. Some might ask, "How would this make things better?" Imagine an update to the Rich Text editor that doesn't result in weeks of tweaks and fixes. By streamlining the process behind the scenes, we can create reliable features faster, which in turn allocates more time to adjust existing features and address member requests.

The changes to the site, as well as the process through which we develop and implement these changes, are a work in progress. Your feedback is an integral part our design approach and influences what and how features are implemented. Given the large scope of the work being done, our response time might be longer than expected. Rest assured, though, we are eager to keep things working effectively and in a way that best embraces the ideals of LiveJournal and its passionate members.

2011: A Look Back
Last year was filled with ups, downs, and all-arounds. New additions like LiveJournal Singapore, a revised Community Directory, improved spam prediction and prevention, free paid account trials, the introduction of community owner privileges, and enhanced privacy settings were received favorably. The redesign of the Navigation Strip, and removing the LJ pencil from the favicon were met with mixed reviews. Less welcome changes included the numerous Rich Text editor update issues following Release 80 and the comment page redesign in Release 88. As you read this year's State of the Goat, we're preparing fixes, looking over your comments, and we'll provide updates as new information is available.

And then there were the DDoS attacks. While they resulted in some service interruption, the DDoS attacks made world news again this year. LiveJournal is still an active global forum at a time when ordinary people are using social networks to exercise their freedom of expression and organize political protests. Despite the bumps in the road, LiveJournal played in a major role in voicing issues that resonate with anyone who believes that governments and politicians should be held accountable. New hardware and mitigation practices gradually minimized the impact these attacks had in the last half of the year. Many recent attacks have been successfully handled with virtually no interruption to the service, and we expect even better results in 2012.

LiveJournal continued to expand beyond the website as well. In the last two years, our drive to offer LiveJournal members greater flexibility and accessibility prompted the creation of new mobile applications. In 2010, LiveJournal released an iPhone/iPad application to meet the on-the-go lifestyle of our mobile members. As those expectations grew in 2011 and continue to grow in 2012, we've expanded our mobile app support to include many popular Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia devices.

Purging Inactive Accounts
As you may have noticed, we're currently deleting inactive and empty member accounts. Only accounts that have zero entries and have not been logged into for over two years will be affected by this process. Right now, account owners are being notified by email if their account is set to be deleted. If you receive such an email about an account you'd prefer to keep, all you need to do is login before the date listed to prevent the deletion. Even if it is deleted, you will still have 30 days to undelete the journal.

An account is not subject to inactivity purging if it has at least one entry in it but this criteria may change over time. If you have friends or family who have passed away and were LiveJournal members, the best way to protect their accounts against future inactivity purges is by requesting such journals be set as 'memorial' accounts. Please email Support to request memorial status for a journal.

2012: A Look Ahead
Expect to see big changes in the coming months. Over the last year we've decreased advertising across the site. We're excited to announce that by mid-2012, advertising will be phased out completely for virtually all of the LiveJournal service pages, journals, and communities that we know and love. Advertising will only be shown in select communities that opt in to displaying it (which you'll hear more about on February 15).

We're also taking huge strides to improve site efficiency and functionality behind the scenes. Changes like these are usually not immediately noticeable but they affect many aspects of our production and testing process. Site performance will improve in the coming months with these changes in place. We're also redesigning service pages, introducing new journal style designs, improving DDoS mitigation practices, and addressing modifications to existing features. And we may have another surprise or two for you along the way so stay tuned!

LiveJournal is a living document. We're eager to hear your feedback as we dedicate ourselves to improving the member experience. Every day invites new ideas and new opportunities. We're excited to see where 2012 takes us and we welcome you to join us!

To you, your family, and your friends, we wish you a healthy and exciting 2012!

Notes on our new comment system
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  Thanks to all of you for providing your feedback and voicing your concerns about LiveJournal's new comment system. Please understand that we are taking your feedback seriously, and will continue to evaluate this new feature. In the meantime, we'd like to explain the reasons behind the change and the greater impact this has for LiveJournal.

  First of all, our new S1 comment system was completely rewritten from scratch.  The comment system has never been updated on this scale before. In the past, code was being piled upon old code, which turned out to be messy and unstable.  A complete rewrite means an updated, cleaner and faster system - which is a good thing for everyone. The default comments pages are the first step in an update to our overall site design, which is meant to improve performance and user experience.  The addition of Ajax features is a major part of this update and has many benefits for users:

  • Pages no longer need to refresh after adding comments, which helps reduce load times
  • Keyboard shortcuts to ease navigation (Ctrl + enter for a new comment, Alt + left arrow/right arrow moves between pages, Ctrl + Alt + '+ / -' expands or collapses all comments on a page)
  • Buttons for editing, tracking, adding to memories, etc.  are now accessed by hovering over a comment, removing general clutter
  • New comments on pages are marked as such
  • There's a new, more visual icon selection tool

  In addition to all of these technical improvements, there are no longer advertising banners on default comment pages.

  The following issues are a known priority as we work through the kinks of our brand new comment system:

  • General performance issues with certain browsers
  • Improvements for mobile devices, including user pic selection
  • Post subjects added to email notifications
  • Restoring visibility of notes in comments
  • Restoring 'parent' links
  • Adding some additional RTE features to comments
  • Adding spell check
  We do not have a specific time frame right now, but we will keep you informed as these are ready. As always, if you have issues with the site or notice any bugs, please contact support.  We continue to thank you for your patience and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

- The LiveJournal Team

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