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Permanent Account Sale: Donation Update

Yesterday at 9AM PST we launched our offer to donate $25 from the sale of each Permanent Account for the first 36 hours of our week-long sale. Here's an update on your response so far.

RAINN stands to receive the largest portion of the donation, thanks to your choices! Currently their donation will come to over $26,000, and will continue to grow until the donation period ends. You've also raised a lot of money for EFF, Witness and Creative Commons. Read more about these great organizations here.

This is a tremendous contribution and we couldn't be more proud to make these donations on behalf of the LiveJournal community.

Remember, if you want to buy a Permanent Account for yourself or someone else and you have some Paid time or extra userpics left over, you can transfer that time to any other LiveJournal account. Visit the Permanent Account Holder Transfer Tool to share the wealth.

The donation period ends at 9PM PST tonight. If you'd like for $25 of the purchase price of your Permanent Account go to these four great organizations, you have six hours left to buy! If you're not ready to buy yet, don't worry! The Permanent Account sale runs through Thursday, June 28th at 11:59PM PST.

Head to the Gift Shop to purchase a Permanent Account for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

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