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Search & Servers

This week in the U.S. we celebrated Independence Day on July 4th, with a day off and lots of fireworks. Did anyone eat too much BBQ? And, yesterday was my second LJ-versary! Do you know when your LJ-versary is?

Community Themes

We've added a new area in the community profile that will let you add a brief description of your community, up to 100 characters. Just head to the edit profile page, select your community name from the dropdown, look for the "Community Theme" field and enter in a brief description there. It will show up beneath your community name in interest searches, so try to think of a good description that might attract new members.

Take a moment and add a brief description for your communities today!

Speaking of Improved Search

The new and improved directory search is now open to all Paid members. It doesn't look any different, but it's faster and better so please test it out! We will eventually open up the improved directory search to Plus users as well.

New Servers

We're always working to keep LiveJournal running as best as we can. Over the last week, we've been working on resolving issues that caused some problems loading pages on the site, as well as other issues dealing with delayed comment notifications.

To tackle these problems, we began replacing about 40 of our older servers with newer state-of-the-art equipment that can handle double the capacity. Here are some photos of some of our old servers being put out to pasture. There's Porter (House is nowhere in sight) and Tender (no sign of Loin). As you can see, Snake was busy on security detail and luckily didn't mind Baby Frank being an attention hog and sticking his mug in the photos.

We're adding databases to help spread the load around a bit and we're making improvements and optimizations wherever possible. Thanks for your patience as we work to keep LJ running as smoothly as possible!

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