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V-Gifts, All Around

As the summer (in our hemisphere) draws to a close, many of you are busy getting ready for back to school or whatever the change of season brings. We've got some brand new v-gifts that we hope will make you smile. Thanks to everybody who's helped us with their time, ideas and feedback on LJ policy. If you're interested in following along, you'll want read the recent conversation lj_biz and even add it to your friends.

Back to school v-gifts (and some that are totally random)

Check out the Frank lunchbox, an apple with a worm, a mix tape, nerd glasses, a gold star, handcuffs, a detention slip, and a brain in a jar:

Send some of these new v-gifts by going to the Gift Shop.

Paid members can send a free v-gift

We're celebrating all the new gifts by giving each Paid member a $1 coupon to spend on a v-gift for a friend. Just choose your v-gift in the gift shop and then look for the dropdown menu under the "Have a gift certificate?" section at the bottom of the page. Select your $1 coupon and click the "Use" button next to it, then hit the "check out" button to send your free v-gift.

Free sponsored v-gifts from Diet Pepsi MAX

Diet Pepsi MAX has created some special stuff just for LJ in the hopes that you'll want to try their new drink that has zero calories, ginseng and extra caffeine. You can keep your journal awake with three new Diet Pepsi MAX themes (they change with the time of day) or their mood theme.

Why not send a free v-gift to a friend who needs to stay awake? Choose from a Diet Pepsi MAX can, case, or bottle. Everyone can send up to 10 of these free v-gifts each week for the next month, until September 15th. You can't send the sponsored v-gifts anonymously, but all account levels are welcome to send them (Paid users won't see the sponsored copy attached to the gifts.)

Brain in a jar, why?

I'm still trying to figure out why I would send someone a brain in a jar. Comment with your reason for sending (or receiving) a brain in a jar v-gift and the v-gift fairy just might grant your wish.

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