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August News

New Themes

We've just added 16 additional Expressive themes thanks to the designers at Vox. You can now also choose from Turntables, Draft, Subway or the Cityscapes of Houston, Philadelphia, Portland or Sydney.

To switch your theme, go to the Customize page and under the Look and Feel tab select Expressive as your layout. Then select the theme you want from the Theme dropdown menu.

New Security Settings

There's a new setting on the Viewing Options page that will let you choose the minimum security for all of your journal entries. That means that if you want to set all future entries in your entire journal or community to friends-only it's a simple change to the "Entry Security" option dropdown in the "Additional Privacy Options" section.

(Actually this isn't a new option, we just made it a whole lot easier to find. It used to be a command to execute via the console. Raise your hand if know what we're talking about when we say "the console".)

Note that this minimum security setting only applies when you first post; you can override the minimum security by going back and editing the security level on any individual post. The setting also won't retroactively change the security level on old posts. Paid and Permanent members can edit the security of multiple prior entries by using the Edit Journal Privacy tool.

We've also added an opt-out setting for virtual gifts. Paid members can choose to disable receiving all virtual gifts, or just of sponsored v-gifts. That setting is also found on the Viewing Options page.

Sponsored Content

We've got a brand new contest and sponsorship to announce! Click below to read all about it.

You may know HP as a technology company. They now want to help you collaborate, contribute and create! Everyone has something to say. HP hopes they can inspire you to share your creative passions on LiveJournal through photography, writing, fashion, art and more.

They're sponsoring a contest around the Writer's Block feature for the next four weeks. Here are the details:
  • The Writer's Block will be renamed to "What Do You Have To Say?" and each week will have a new theme.
  • If you respond to the Writer's Block prompt, you'll automatically be entered into the contest.
  • We'll select the five best responses for each theme and post them to a poll in lj_contests (polls will appear a week after the theme has ended).
  • The LiveJournal community will vote for the winners: One Grand Prize winner will receive a $150 gift certificate and two runners-up will each receive a $25 gift certificate to either iTunes,,, or
Head to the "What Do You Have To Say?" contest landing page to see the dates for each theme and to read the Official Rules. Photography Week kicks off later today!

HP has also made it possible for us to create a new answers page for the Writer's Block. Click through to the answers page to see all the recent responses to the Writer's Block. For the next month, the answers page will only be viewable by Sponsored and Basic users, but we will eventually roll the answers page out to everyone.

This contest is geared toward Plus and Basic users. Paid members will have completely different and unbranded Writer's Block prompts and answering those questions will not enter them into the contest. If you're a Paid member and would like to participate in the contest, read this post in lj_contests for instructions on how to enter.

Note to Paid Members

We're working to make sure that Paid members don't have to see Sponsored content (contests, communities, etc.) when they don't want to. We also don't want to block Paid members from participating in Sponsored content if they choose to participate. We wanted to let you know that we've heard your feedback and that we understand and share your concerns. Please bear with us while we test out ways that we can find the right balance that respects your choices.

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