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November News

Whether you're ready or not, November is upon us. That means holidays, parties, and all the fun (and stress) that go with them. We thought we'd get a jump start on the season of giving with some great new stuff on LJ.

We Heard Your Pleas: Comment Editing Is Here!
Ever left a comment and immediately wanted to alter it? Previously, whether it was an embarrassing typo or an incorrect link, once you hit "post comment," your only choice was to either delete it, or leave it for the world to see. Until now.

Paid Members now have the ability to edit comments! Just click on the "edit" button in your comment to make changes. Of course, to be fair to others, only comments that have not yet been replied to may be edited.

Need to Talk in Private?
Private messaging has arrived. You can now communicate with another LJ user directly by sending him/her a private message. Just go to your Message Center, click the "New Message" button and fill out the form. Easy enough, right? Find out about all the ways you communicate with LJ users, as well as relevant privacy settings, in the FAQs.

Notify Facebook Friends about Your Recent LJ Posts
Make sure your friends never miss another one of your moments of genius. Facebook recently announced a new way for you to share the actions you've taken on other sites with your friends on Facebook and we are now offering that functionality on LiveJournal.

Facebook Beacon makes it simple to insert actions into your Facebook Mini-Feed and News Feed from LiveJournal and, in turn, share them with your friends on Facebook. This is an opt-in feature -- you'll be able to control whether or not you want to send your entries to Facebook, and of course we'll only do this when you're creating public entries. If you'd like to opt-in, you may do so within your journal on the Viewing Options page (Additional privacy settings > Facebook).

Get all the details about including LJ notifications on Facebook in this LiveJournal FAQ.

Post On-the-Go with LJ Mobile
LiveJournal Mobile is a free application (developed in-house by the Six Apart mobile team) for your Windows Mobile or Palm device that makes it easy for you to post photos and text to your LJ. Learn ALL the ways to go mobile with LiveJournal so you can post whenever you want, from wherever you want.

"Where's Frank?" Contest Finalists!
Thank you to everyone who entered the "Where's Frank?" Photo Contest. It was  tough work, but we managed to narrow down the entries to five finalists. It's now up to you, the LJ community, to vote for your favorites and determine which entry will win a $100 gift certificate to and which two entries will win $50 gift certificates to The voting ends Friday, November 16, 007, at 11:59 p.m. PT. Which Frank is your favorite?

What's in a Name?

Juliet may have thought a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but look at what happened to her. Which is why we're having a SALE on rename tokens now through December 31st. For a limited time, you can purchase rename tokens in the Gift Shop for only $12 (marked down from $15).

Whatever your account level, this is your chance to rename your journal or community without losing any information. Your account status, profile, entries, and all other account-related information will remain the same, while all existing comments in other journals and entries will display your new username. Check out all the newly available usernames on the purged accounts page.

Comment with "I Want A Rename!" and let us know why you need one. We'll be giving out a few rename tokens to those of you with the most compelling cases.
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