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Gettin' A Move On...

LiveJournal, Inc. has found a home! Our new office space is in SoMa, an up-and-coming district in San Francisco with a downtown/industrial vibe. SoMa is home to many internet companies (including Six Apart), the SF Museum of Modern Art, AT&T Park (Go Giants!), as well as lots of locally-owned restaurants, book stores and galleries. We're moving onto the top floor of a historic three-story building with exposed brick and flexible meeting spaces with sliding walls. There's even a little patio area where Frank can hang out on sunny San Francisco days.

The current SF-based LiveJournal, Inc. staff are in the process of moving to the new space and will be joined soon by the new employees we're actively recruiting to ensure that LiveJournal continues to be one of the best online communities available.

And while we're on the topic of how LiveJournal is one of the best online communities...

We Need Your Vote!
LiveJournal has been selected as a finalist in the 2008 Webware 100 Awards. Webware 100 is CNET's yearly awards program where users nominate and then vote for their favorite Web 2.0 apps and sites. 

LiveJournal is nominated in the "Social" category. So if you think LJ is superior to Digg, Facebook, or MySpace, we hope you'll go vote and let the world know!

Voting is open until March 31, 2008, and the winners will be announced on April 21, 2008.

Just In Case You Need A Little Convincing...
Here's just one reason, out of many, we think LiveJournal deserves your vote. So far in 2008, LiveJournal has had less downtime than MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, with only ten minutes of downtime, LiveJournal has had a full 12 hours and 18 minutes less downtime than Bebo. See the pingdom post for the complete list of social networks and their downtime.

We understand that all websites go down from time-to-time, but we also understand that you depend on LJ to be available whenever you want it. A huge thanks goes out to our ops team who work non-stop to make sure that LiveJournal is accessible to you at all times. 

Advisory Board Update
Back in December, we announced the creation of the LiveJournal Advisory Board, as well as the fact that brad joined as its first member. We are thrilled to announce the addition of three new members to this international group of informed and trusted leaders from the online community. Find out more about the newest Advisory Board members in lj_2008.

New Icon for Filtered Posts
You've been asking for a way to easily keep track of which of your posts are filtered to custom groups and now you can! 

Today we released a new icon that will display on your entries that are filtered to one or more custom friends groups. In addition, the entry's metadata will automatically list which of your custom groups can see each post. 

Note that the custom friends group icon and the list of groups will only be viewable by you (the journal owner). The normal friends-only icon will be displayed as usual to your friends who can read your filtered posts. This feature is for S2 users only.

But Wait... There's More!
We've added new V-Gifts to help you celebrate the upcoming holidays. Toast a friend with a mug of green liquid on St. Patrick's Day or make some bunny's Easter sweeter with kissing chocolate bunnies. Not in a festive mood? We've got a few signs that may be just perfect for you (or as April Fool's Day jokes for your friends!). Find these V-Gifts and more in the V-Gift Shop.

L to R: Mug of green liquid, chocolate bunnies, "Ban Me" sign, "De-Friend Me" sign, "Kick Me" sign, "Troll Me" sign.
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