Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Great news

I'd like to thank everybody for replying the other day to my plea for help. The result was about 150 emails to sort through, quite a chore in itself, but it was worth it .... we now have a whole team of contributors. In particular, I'd like to highlight these cool points:
  • revjim volunteered to help me with system/programming stuff. i gave him a tour of the database and all the code. as we have very similar skills and experience, we've already been able to get a lot done. i'm very relieved to have him helping me now.
  • axodys is developing a new Mac client. i haven't seen screenshots, but from reading his journal it looks like it does just about everything the windows and linux version does.... when he's done it should really rock. mac users --- you'll no longer have to be left out! please don't bug axodys... he'll release it when it's ready. hopefully he'll give me permission to put it up for download here.
  • patrick is running the whole topic directory now. instead of continuing to make web tools to help with management, i made a modular admin console that he can work from. eventually all administrative functionality will be accessible from the console.
  • herrzoot is designing the new public site.... i saw a preview and oh my is it ever gonna rock. i can't wait! he did another website for me ... he's got mad skillz. :-)
There are a bunch of other people I'd introduce here but I'm still in the process of talking with them and figuring out what exactly they want to do. Hopefully I'll be done with this management stuff sometime soon and I can get back to programming. :-)

By the way, if you've been talking to me for awhile and it seems that I just disappeared without following back up with you about something, email me back ... I may have messed up. I get moving email around so fast sometimes and just get confused. If I have, I'm sorry --- don't take that to mean I'm not interested in your help.


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