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Notes, Geo-Location, Pingbacks, Birthday Wishes, and More

New Notes Feature
Automatic Detect Location
Pingbacks for All
Birthday Wishes

New and Notes-worthy

The bigger your Friends list gets, the harder it can be to keep track of exactly how you know all those people. So if you have a Paid account and have ever had trouble remembering who __frank__1999___ is, then you'll find the new Notes feature to be your new best friend. When you add a Note for a user, you'll be able to see the Note whenever you hover your mouse over the username or look at the header of the user's Profile page. Your Notes are visible only to you, so there's no need to worry about someone else seeing them. There are three different ways to add, edit, and remove Notes:

  • On the userhead menu that appears when you hover the mouse over the userhead icon, click Add Note (or Edit Note if you've already created a Note for that user) and enter the note in the dialog box that appears.

  • On the Manage Notes page, you can add, edit, or remove any of your Notes. You can access the Manage Notes page from the Profile pull-down menu at the top of the Home and Profile page.

  • On the Manage Friends page in the column conveniently titled "Notes."

For full details on how to take Notes on all your friends, read the FAQ.

Where in the World?

Now you can add a little geo-flair to your entries with the new automatic Location Detect feature. Instead of entering text in the Location field of the Post an Entry page, just click Detect and your location will be automatically filled in. Wondering how it knows where you are? Detection is based on your IP address and includes your country, state (for the U.S. only), and city. When you click Detect, no personal identifying information is collected or stored by LiveJournal or any other site.

If you want to get even more geo-specific, you can install the Google Gears client for Windows, Windows Mobile, or Mac OS. This third-party client can automatically detect your location down to the street address. So if, for instance, you take a cool photo of an abandoned place and want to post it in the community, you can click Detect and have the exact address of the abandoned place included in your entry.

But if you prefer to be undetectable, or to have your location defined by your imagination rather than geographic data, you can always fill in the Location field with your own text or just leave it blank. Check the FAQ for full details.

Pingbacks for Everyone!

Pingbacks, previously available only to Paid and Permanent accounts, let you track references to your posts. With this release, Pingbacks are now available to Plus and Basic users, too. Find out everything you need to know about Pingbacks in the FAQ and let the pinging begin.

Birthday Wishes from a Special Someone

On a recent tour stop in Moscow, Moby came by the LiveJournal office to give us a video birthday card. Thanks to Moby for the best wishes, and of course, thanks to you, our users!

Those are the highlights of this week's release; as always, you can get the full scoop in lj_releases.
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