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LiveJournal Major Notes: Notifications, Haiti vgift drive, Maintenance

We want to acknowledge all of the amazing work you've been doing to support relief efforts in Haiti. We've already raised over $4,100 from the sale of our Haiti vgift! Thank you for the wonderful suggestion!

We were so inspired by your compassion that we've decided to run a two-day charitable vgift drive. Beginning next week, from Thursday, January 28th, 4pm, through Saturday, January 30th, 3:59pm, PST, we'll donate 100 percent of the proceeds from all vgift sales to CARE and UNICEF (we'll cover the credit card processing fees). And, remember, for each $10 you receive in vgifts during a two-week period, you'll get two months of paid account time. For more info, read this FAQ. To meet other LiveJournal users who are committed to making a difference, check out help_haiti, which has already raised over $16,000! If you hear about other LiveJournal communities that are supporting Haiti, we encourage you to get the word out in the comments below. We hope you'll promote our charitable vgift and next week's fundraising drive in your journals and communities.

Stuff you should know

  • AOL notifications are back! You should resume getting timely notifications via AOL email addresses for journal entries and all other selected activities. Just FYI, we cannot resend notifications that were purged by AOL before they hit your LiveJournal inbox.
  • There are a few other outstanding issues involving missing notifications. We're aware that some LiveJournal messages are being intercepted by built-in spam filters coming from your ISPs and mail programs. If you're not receiving notifications, please check your filter settings, then contact your ISP or email provider to find out if they've blocked LiveJournal.
  • Just in case it got lost in the holiday shuffle, we wanted to remind you to try out My Stats (for paid users) and My Guests (for all users). My Stats provides instant reporting on who's been viewing your Journal, entries, and comments, and displays friending and RSS history. My Guests lets you see who's been checking out your journal (while allowing you to opt out and stay hidden should you prefer to fly under the radar). Both are listed under My Stats in the Journal menu. Love it? Hate it? Tell us what you think!
  • DON'T FORGET: We'll be taking down the site for a few hours this Friday evening, from around 7pm to 10pm, PST, to perform backend maintenance. Depending on where you live, this window will fall between Friday and Saturday, January 22nd to 23rd. For further details, please read this entry in lj_maintenance.
  • In anticipation of Valentines Day, we're collecting stories from LiveJournal users who found their Significant Other and/or Best Friend Forever on LiveJournal. Tell us how you met, and we'll send you and yours a Valentines vgift!

Special offer from Blurb

In honor of the unrivaled creative talent on LiveJournal, Blurb is extending an exclusive discount to help you turn your journal or community into a book. If you're interested, you can use the following codes at checkout:

  • USD$ Promo Code: BOOKMYBLOG (save US$10)
  • GBP£ Promo Code: BOOKMYBLOG2 (save £6 )
  • EUR€ Promo Code: BOOKMYBLOG3 (save €8)
  • AUD$ Promo Code: BOOKMYBLOG4 (save AUD$12)

P.S. Don't forget to check out our fantastic anthology, LiveJournal: The First Decade!

For more fun updates, meet us under the cut!Read more...Collapse )

Thanks, again, for joining us. We'll see you next week.

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