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LiveJournal Major Notes: Notifications, Big bear hug, Inbox, Comments

Now that the Saints have come marching in, we're heading into a dizzying trifecta with the start of the Winter Olympics, Valentines/Single Pride Day, and Chinese New Year! If you're interested in chatting about the Olympics, check out olympicgames10. If you want to send some affection to a crush, friend, or partner, you can slip a secret (or public) love note into Cupid's Drop Box at 021410 and make someone's day. For those fiery souls who were born in the year of the Tiger (i.e., 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, etc.), please comment below so Frank can send a red lantern to illuminate your lucky year!

Stuff you should know:

  • We fixed the issue that was causing multiple notifications to be sent for comment replies in certain communities. Thanks, again, for your patience.
  • We nabbed the bug that was impairing notifications for anonymous comments.
  • You will now get properly tabulated results for multiple choice polls that accept more than one answer per question.
  • The Select all checkboxes in the Inbox are working again. FYI, you can access your Inbox by clicking the Messages link below your username in the LiveJournal banner or bookmarking this link.
  • The pop-up box to delete comments no longer closes the instant you click a checkbox.
  • Embedding journals in external sites using 'customview.cgi' should now function properly.
  • In order to lend a touch of Olympic cheer, we'll be adding a winter-themed header, which will run from February 12th through the end of the month.
  • UPDATE: We understand that notifications were being sent out for past payments made to LiveJournal. We identified and fixed the problem that was causing some of our email servers to resend these payment notifications. Please rest assured that no new charges were billed to your account or credit card (we don't store that information). We're so sorry for the confusion and inconvenience. For more info, you can read here.

A big bear hug to our paid users!

If you have a paid or permanent account, you can send a free big bear hug to five of your mutual friends until Tuesday, February 16th, 4pm (PST)! FYI, you cannot send this free vgift to communities. Please note that you can only send one bear hug at a time. Once you select a mutual friend, you'll need to complete checkout before you can send another pal a snuggly bear embrace. Just a heads up, if you're a paid or permanent user, you'll see both the free and the $0.99 bear hug vgifts listed here until you've used up all of your free vgifts. Enjoy! Update: In order to receive this free vgift, you must enable sponsored vgifts (don't worry, this vgift was sponsored by Frank). To enable sponsored vgifts, go to Edit Profile, scroll down to Virtual Gifts (at the bottom of the page), and choose Do not disable from the drop-down menu.

For this week's winning photos and Frank's special request, we'll catch you under the cut!

Featured photos

Congrats to yuribrut and kilika, who won our tenth lj_photophile poll. Click here to vote for next week's photo of the week!



Torch song synergy!

For those who keep up with our romantic duo, Frank studiously reviewed all of your brilliant suggestions and decided to take Meme on an all-day hike on Saturday, move the TV outside for the Superbowl (or the Stuporbowl, as Meme graciously dubbed it), watch the Puppy Bowl during replays, cook up some toasted pants nachos, and furnish a vigorous hoof-rub during the half-time lightshow concert. But, alas, Frank has stumbled into yet another murky morass. Excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics, Meme signed them up for a couples' intensive ice-skating retreat. Poor Frank is utterly beside himself, having suffered a minor whiplash while learning to square dance after last year's Country Music awards. Frank would like your advice on whether he can politely decline Meme's invite. Give him a crash course in dating skating etiquette, and he'll luge you an Olympic bauble.

Thanks, again, for sharing some time with us. We'll see you next week.

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