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LiveJournal Major Notes: Charitable vgifts, Balloon bouquet, Header contest

Now that we're nearing the dramatic conclusion of the preempted sitcoms winter Olympics, we're looking forward to new episodes of Big Bang Theory the warming trends of March. Since Frank loves to send you sugary sips of sweetness, this week, he's calling everyone with a 5 in their birthday to give a hoot in the comments below. Tell Frank that you're the proud owner of a b-day 5, and he'll whip you up a frothy mug of hot chocolate to keep you toasty until Spring. (One cocoa per user, which is to say, whether you were born on quatro or cinco de Mayo of 1955 or 1988, you'll still receive one luscious cup of cocoa.)

Stuff you should know:

  • We're pleased to give you the final tallies on our charitable vgifts:
    • We partnered with help_haiti to raise $1,108.89 for Partners in Health, which provides emergency medical care in Haiti;
    • We raised $11,760.59 for CARE and UNICEF to support relief efforts in Haiti;
    • We raised $427.57 for the WSPA, which promotes animal welfare around the world.
  • Help us help! Give us your charitable recommendations in the comments below, and we'll select up to ten nonprofits and put it to a vote in the next newsletter. FYI: Organizations must have global impact.
  • We invite designing types to submit March headers (900x90 pixels) to lj_spotlight. The winner will get a one-year paid account credit (which they can keep or give to a friend).
  • For those who see beauty in the everyday snack (which means anything from breakfast to dinner), we hope you'll join us for a quick byte at ljsnackpack.
  • We want to thank ryanestrada, the comic artist who introduced Frank to Meme, for his awesome pics! You can check out his Web site here.

A bouquet of balloons for our paid users!

If you have a paid or permanent account, you can send five free balloon bouquets until Monday, March 1st, 4pm, PST! You'll see both the free and the $0.99 balloons displayed until you've delivered all of your helium rainbows. Please send only one at a time. In other words, you'll need to complete check-out and start a new order for each individual vgift you send. We're happy to report that we've squished the bug (fingers and eyes crossed) that prevented some of you from sending out all of your free bear hugs a couple of weeks ago. So let the giving begin!

For this week's winning photo and more fun with Frank & Meme, we'll catch you under the cut!

Featured photo

Congrats to 30_years, who won our twelth lj_photophile poll. Click here to vote for next week's photo of the week!

Circling the triangle!

When we last joined Frank, he was recuperating from a twisted ankle while watching the Olympics, under the devoted care of the alluring Dr. Nan E. Goat. Feeling guilty for having arranged the ill-fated ice-skating retreat, Meme decided to spoil her sweetheart with an indoor picnic before check-out. All of Frank's favorites were lovingly tucked in the basket, including spicy pants lasagna, grass-stuffed eggplant, and flourless wire truffle cake for dessert. Yum. Meme tip-clawed through the door to surprise her fluffmuffin. Thereupon, she spied Dr. Nan probing Frank's left hoof, which Meme knew to be one of his five fondest sensual indulgences. "What's going on here?!" Meme pierced, dropping the basket, which spilled all over the floor. "It's just a routine exam," Frank pled, his eyes glazed over to a blissful stupor. "Just tell me one thing, then. Do you find Dr. Nan attractive?" Frank twisted his goatee to a sharp point. "It doesn't matter either way, my doeling. You know you're the only goat for me!" Incensed, Meme stomped out of the room in tears. "Sheesh! Now I have no Meme AND no lunch!" Frank whimpered, his injured ankle still cuffed in the doctor's palms. "Well," said Dr. Nan, brushing a tuft of fur away from her honeyed cocoa eyes, "I know a cozy little cafe in the west wing that makes divine pants burritos with refried cardboard, so long as you don't mind watching sports recaps." ... Famished and lunchless, Frank would like your advice on whether he should take up the doctor on her tasty offer. Give him some relationship guidance, and he'll send you a lunchbox of treats.

Thanks, again, for spending time with us. We'll see you next week.

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