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Header Design Winner, ONTD!

After a healthy dose of LJ-drama, we're pleased to announce the winner of our third monthly header design contest. We've also cooked up some tasty, purplicious userheads on ohnotheydidnt. Speaking of which, Frank was delighted to hear about your cooking foibles last week, since it helped ease his seasonal affective disorder, brought on by anti-climactic TV season finales. To comfort Frank in his time of need, he's hoping you'll share your own tales of media woe. Tell him which former television series you miss most, and he'll bake you up a luscious cupcake to sweeten your day!

And the winner is ...

We're thrilled to announce the winner of the third LiveJournal header design contest! Over 7,400 of you helped choose the design by mitashade. Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in this contest. We'll be sending LiveJournal gift certificates to one and all on Tuesday, June 1st. You may now begin posting entries to remixed for the next contest. In response to your requests, we've posted official rules along with LiveJournal logos and menu templates to the LJ News Contests Profile page, which should be used in all future submissions. We'll accept entries until Monday, June 21st at 3PM, PDT. We thank you, again, for sharing your passion and talent with the global LiveJournal community!

Important stuff to know

  • Purple reign: We've got an exciting announcement for all of you Oh no they didn't fans! ONTD members can now dress up in stylin' purple userheads! frank couldn't wait to show his love! To get yours now, sign into LiveJournal, visit ohnotheydidnt, click Rules & Info on the upper right corner, and then click Switch to ONTD userhead on the upper left side of the profile page. Remember, you MUST be a member of ONTD to get a purple userhead, which will color you purple wherever you roam. If you go through a blue period, you can always repeat these steps to switch back anytime.
  • Traveling light: We've cut the number of default entries on journals and communities from 20 to 10 entries. We expect this to decrease load times and improve site performance. To review or update your entries setting, click here.

Visit a decade of LiveJournal Russia!

We're thrilled to see a growing number of our Russian friends reading the news and submitting pictures to lj_photophile. To celebrate the unique cultural heritage of LiveJournal, we're pleased to announce the publication of По живому. 1999-2009., which roughly translates into something like LJ-Uncut (*we have yet to get a translation that doesn't include dramatic physical gestures and arched eyebrows*). This anthology marks the first decade of LiveJournal in Russia. No matter what language(s) you speak, you'll enjoy a scenic journey through ten years of original photos, humor, artwork, comic strips, and more from our Russian friends. Congratulations to our team in Moscow on a book well done!

For our featured photo and more fun with Frank & Meme, we'll catch you under the cut!

Photo of the week

Congrats to smirnova_n_com, who won our 24th lj_photophile poll. Click here to vote for the next photo of the week!

Color me Stan-tastic!

When we last joined our dramatic duo, Meme and Frank were deciding whether to hire the dauntingly stylish Stan Jacquelle to investigate Alpha Stein's food poisoning. After carefully reviewing your advice, Frank placed his hoof on Stan's paw, which was resting on Frank's flank, and announced, "My gal and I can really use some time alone together. If you're willing to solve this mystery for a $20 LiveJournal gift certificate and a pack of a la carte userpics, you're hired!"

Stan gagged, aghast. "Do you have any idea how much it costs to be me? I paid $500 for this cashmere fedora, alone, which bears a striking resemblance to the one Lindsay gave Sam for their third three-month anniversary."

"Well, then," Meme untangled Frank and Stan, "we wish you the very best of luck in all of your future endea..."

"Then again," Stan flashed a beguiling grin, "since I am a celebrity sleuth and Frank is almost famous, being that he is W-listed and all [i.e., Wikipedia-ized], I suppose I might be willing to cut you a deal. After all, I do have a little free time before I trip the fame fantastic to watch my mama monster play Vegas. ... Now then, in my expert opinion, the journal's the thing to catch the conscience of faux bling." Stan cleared his throat emphatically and struck a pose, scanning the room with his hips. "Hey there! Hey you, Britney!" he yowled at Dr. Nan, who was sitting by Alpha's bedside, stroking her damp forehead. "Tell me your LiveJournal username!"

"You have got to be kidding. I graduated from Stanfurred Medical School. Do you honestly believe I would give you my private information? This ain't Facebook, honey."

"Fine, fine," Frank smirked. "I happen to recall that there's a certain moxie foxy who might be willing to roll on you, so to speak."

"Leave Dr. Fox out of this!" Nan blurted out amidst a blushing face-paw, realizing she'd said too much.

The conversation was suddenly interrupted by the blare of a shrill alarm. Nurse Chi Wa-Wa rushed in. "Everybody out. Doctor, it looks like we may lose her," she informed Dr. Nan.

Frank and Meme are now worried about leaving Alpha under Dr. Nan's care. Tell them what you think they should do, and they'll send you over a double hit of bubbly and roses.

Thanks again for joining us. We'll see you next week!
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