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Leaping lemurs, American Idol

 We've got some tasty treats baking in beta this week. While we prepare to frost, Frank would like to take a few moments to celebrate all of you June babies out there. If you were born this month, send Frank a mushy MWAH, and he'll whoosh you over a hug coupon!

Important stuff to know

  • Header design contest: We've begun accepting entries for our next header contest. You can submit your original designs to remixed. Images should be 900x90 pixels and should not contain copyright-protected images. Please incorporate the LiveJournal logo and menu template (you'll find them posted to the Profile page). We'll accept submissions until Monday, June 21st at 3PM, PDT. The winner will be awarded a $20 LiveJournal gift certificate. Finalists will receive $10 LiveJournal gift certificates. All other participants will get $5 gift certificates (only one per user). We thank you, again, for sharing your talent!
  • American Idol tickets: Our good friend brenden at ohnotheydidnt is giving away tickets to American Idol's Live Tour 2010! Simply submit an ONTD fan sign, and you could find yourself up close and personal with today's instant celebs (a/k/a tomorrow's top gossip victims). To enter, you must be a member of ONTD and post a fan sign here!  

We've got leaping lemurs for our paid users!

If you have a paid or permanent account, you can send five free leaping lemurs now through Monday June 14th, at 4pm, PDT! You'll see both the free and the $0.99 creatures displayed until they've high-tailed it off to your friends. Please send only one at a time. In other words, you'll need to complete check-out and start a new order for each critter you send. If you're not receiving vgifts (from friends and/or Frank), you may have disabled them. To enable vgifts, visit Edit profile (under Profile), scroll down to the bottom of the page, and check your settings. Please be advised that these lovin' lemurs are not house-broken (be sure to avoid chocolate and Red Bull after sundown).  
For our featured photo and more fun with Frank & Meme, we'll catch you under the cut!

Photo of the week

Congrats to waitingman, who won our 25th lj_photophile poll. Click here to vote for the next winner! Beginning this week, the winner of the photo poll will receive a $5 LiveJournal gift certificate. Photos will be selected on the basis of positive user comments (plus staff input in the event of ties). We're also delighted to introduce a themed photo contest! This week, we're asking for your best beach shots. The pictures that receive the most positive replies will be entered into a poll. The winner will receive a vgift and a $5 LiveJournal gift certificate. In response to your requests, we've also updated the community rules, which you can read on the LJ_Photophile profile page. We wish to thank you, again, for making LiveJournal more beautiful!

Let sleeping dogs lie!

When we last left our traumatic duo, Alpha Stein's heart monitor had flat-lined, inciting Nurse Chi Wa-Wa to shoo Frank, Meme, and Stan Jacquelle (celebrity sleuth extraordinaire), out of the room. Anxious about leaving Alpha under Dr. Nan's care, Frank and Meme consulted a panel of experts and concluded that they would prefer to call another doctor (a certain Dr. Tiger Sagitarius was recommended). Sadly, however, time was of the essence.

"Fetch the paddles!" Dr. Nan shouted at the poodle. "And get those irritating fur-balls out of here!" Nurse Chi Wa-Wa slapped the probes on Alpha's chest, flipped the switch, and shouted, "Clear!" The electronic beep bleeped steadily. "I need you all to leave now!" Nurse Chi Wa-Wa ordered.

"Listen up, Lady BahBah, we're not going anywhere until this little puppy is back on her paws," Stan pierced.

"And again on one, two, three, and Clear!" Dr. Nan bellowed, her forehead drenched in sweat. The heart monitor started to pulse. Dr. Nan exhaled, smoothed her lab coat, and headed for the door. "I'm afraid you kids are barking up the wrong tree."

"You know what?" Frank grinned, grabbing Meme. "You're absolutely right! Alpha's on the mend. It's high time we do the bird." The couple made a dash for the threshold, but bumped into Dr. Fox, who was on his way in. He took one look at the heart monitor and gasped.

"What's up doc?," Stan inquired with studied nonchalance.

"I am zimply very happy to zee zhe patient making progress," Dr. Fox winked at Dr. Nan.

"Well, it's a good thing you dropped by," Dr. Nan gushed. "You forgot your leftovers this morning," she pointed over to the tin foil swan in the corner. "And it's almost lunch time."

"No, mein dumpling, zhat iz your midday meal, not mine."

"Ahah! I knew something smelled fishy!," Stan blurted out. "Being the reigning queen of Hollywood gossip, I will NOT rest until someone fesses up to having the crabs!"

Frank and Meme are now seeking your advice on whether it's safe to leave Stan holding the proverbial bag. Tell them what you think, and Stan will slip you a Gucci poochie for your troubles.

Thanks again for joining us. We'll see you next week!
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