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We've got some exciting updates for you this week! We've redesigned the Gift Shop and introduced LJ Tokens to improve virtual purchasing. We've added a user activity panel on the homepage to keep you up-to-date on messages, upcoming birthdays, and more! We've also simplified the rename account process and introduced a repost button that makes it easy for others to share and link back to your entries. While we check out these great new features, Frank has been battling a severe case of cabin fever. Tell him about your first major travel experience, and he'll zip you over a suitcase for your next voyage.

LiveJournal Shop and LJ Tokens

  • Gift Shop redesign: We've relaunched the Gift Shop to help you locate and purchase items more easily.

  • LJ Tokens: We've introduced a flexible, new way to pay for LJ services in the Gift Shop! LJ Tokens can be used to make one-time purchases of paid account time, buy userpic add-ons, vgifts, storage, and more. LJ Tokens replace gift certificates and eliminate the need to use an entire gift certificate for a single purchase or lose the balance. Now you can use LJ Tokens to pay for what you want and save the rest for another day! Based on feedback from our beta testers, here are a few quick facts to keep in mind:
    • Conversion rates: One LJ Token is worth $0.01 USD (although you'll receive discounts for purchasing LJ Tokens in greater amounts). This means you can purchase a one-year paid account for 2,500 tokens (i.e., $25 USD). You can purchase tokens in the following increments: 3,000 tokens for $25 USD; 1,000 tokens for $9 USD; 500 tokens for $5 USD.

    • Invisible tokens: If you make a purchase in the LiveJournal Shop (say, for userpic add-ons or vgifts), you will only see LJ Tokens if you have enough tokens to cover the entire order. Otherwise, your token balance will not display at all. In this instance, you will either need to pay by another method or purchase more tokens before you complete the transaction.

    • Bye bye gift certificates, hello LJ Tokens: You can still use the gift certificates you already have, but you can now send your friends LJ Tokens in any amount you like. LJ Tokens can be pooled and redeemed at any time! If you have gift certificates that were bought for you as a gift, you can use them to purchase LJ Tokens. Sorry, but gift certificates that were given out for free or as part of a promotion cannot be converted to LJ Tokens.

Important stuff to know:

  • Homepage update: We've added a user activity panel on the right side of the homepage to help you view recent activity in your journal, including comments, messages, and friending.

  • Rename Account: We've simplified the process for renaming your account so you no longer need to buy a rename token before you reinvent yourself. You can now rename your account as soon as your payment is credited. If you'd like to give a friend the ability to rename themselves, simply send them 1,500 LJ Tokens! (P.S. Don't worry, you can still use your existing rename tokens.)

  • Repost button: You can add a repost button that allows other users to share all or part of your entries on LiveJournal. Please note that you have to use the HTML editor to insert a repost button. This button is only intended for public entries (i.e., if your entry is marked friends-only and you add the repost button, the entry can be reposted publicly by others, although the original post will remain friends-only). In order to illustrate how this works, we've added spaces before and after brackets ("<", ">") below to avoid auto-formatting:
    • To add a simple repost tag, insert the following tag at the end of your post: < lj-repost button="Post this to your journal!" / >

    • To modify the text of the share button, use the following tag: "< lj-repost button="Modify your button text" >< /lj-repost >"

    • To enable reposting of an excerpt of your entry, insert the following tags: "< lj-repost >Here is an excerpt from my entry< /lj-repost >"

    • To modify the text of the repost button and enable users to repost an excerpt of your entry, insert the following tags: "< lj-repost button="Modify your button text" >Here is an excerpt from my entry< /lj-repost >"

We hope you enjoy these new features. We'll be back next week with more fantastic photos and fun with Frank & Meme.
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