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Facebook/Twitter Connect update, TxtLJ, Community rejection enhancement, Pingbacks

We've got important updates for you this week. As promised, we've made significant changes to Facebook and Twitter Connect integration that respond to your privacy concerns. We're also saying goodbye to an old friend (TxtLJ) and introducing a community moderation enhancement. There's a lot of ground to cover today, so let's get started!

Facebook and Twitter Connect update

We're pleased to announce key changes to the Facebook/Twitter Connection that address your main privacy concerns, as follows:
  • We've disabled the ability to cross-post comments on privacy-protected entries and screened comments for non-Cyrillic users. If you've opted into Cyrillic services, you'll still be able to cross-post protected and screened comments. (If you recently opted into Cyrillic services to purchase custom userheads, you can opt out and retain your purchased userheads.)
  • If you haven't added your Twitter or Facebook information to your Account Settings, you will not see the cross-posting checkboxes when posting comments. You will still see the checkboxes when posting an entry, but they will be disabled.
  • You will no longer see cross-posting checkboxes when you edit a comment.

We've also enhanced the cross-posting feature so you can choose the image that will appear as the thumbnail image on a cross-posted Facebook update. To select an image, click the "Choose a pic" link when you cross-post your entry or your comment to Facebook. If you are cross-posting an entry you are writing, you can select any image that appears within the entry or the userpic you've selected to use. If you are cross-posting a comment, you can only select the userpic you've selected for the comment -- you cannot select images that appear in the entry itself.

Community rejection enhancement

If you're a community maintainer, you can now offer an explanation and/or further instructions whenever you reject a user who requests to join your community (similar to when you reject an entry submitted to a community). Just type in your explanation in the text box before you hit the "Reject" button.

Farewell to TxtLJ

We've discontinued the TxTLJ feature, as the cost of maintaining the service was too high in relation to current usage. We know some of you relied upon this feature for posting, notifications, and more, so we've compiled a list of ways you can accomplish most of the same tasks without it:

  • Post entries by text message: If you've been texting entries to LiveJournal through TxtLJ, you can still do so as long as you know the email address of your phone (which you can find by contacting your carrier's Help/Support system). Once you know the address, you can list it as an approved sender for your account. Then, all you need to do is send a text message to "yourusername+{PIN}" and it will post as an entry to your journal! For full information on how to set up approved senders and select a PIN, please see this FAQ.
  • LiveJournal mobile version: You can access the LiveJournal mobile post, comment, and catch up on your Friends page from any smart phone.
  • Notification options: You can update your notification settings to receive notifications via email, IM, or your LiveJournal Inbox (accessible via
  • Get messages on the go: Your friends can send you text messages right from your profile page. (Note: You must have a Paid, Plus, or Permanent account in order to enable this feature so your friends can text you.)
  • There's an app for us!: LiveJournal has official apps for Windows Mobile and iPhone. LiveJournal users have also created apps for various other mobile devices, including Android. Check your device's app store for details.

Did we miss something? We hope you'll let us know in comments.

Other important stuff to know

  • We've fixed the bug that was impairing the proper function of Pingbacks. It should now be working as intended. Click here to update your Pingback settings. You can read more about Pingbacks in this FAQ.
  • The drop-down tag menu has been fixed when you edit a journal entry.

Be back soon

Thank you so much for joining us. We'll return next week with the header design winner and more fun and gifts with Frank.

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