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We've got an exciting new feature that we're officially introducing this week, so we're eager to get started! But before we dive in, Frank is hoping to broaden his social horizons. Tell him about your favorite community on LiveJournal, and he'll send you a tender sapling to nurture and grow.

Alter your ego with custom userheads

If you're interested in shifting personas, custom userheads can jumpstart your transformation. Whether you feel like Batman, Mickey, or a ponytailed lass, you can purchase a custom userhead for 199 LJ Tokens or a $1.99 payment in the LiveJournal Gift Shop for yourself or for another user and enjoy a full year of use. Once you stock up, you can switch to another userhead whenever you like by visiting your Edit Profile page. Please be aware that whenever you switch, all of your posts (past and present) will be display your currently selected userhead. A final note: If you recently enabled Cyrillic services to purchase custom userheads, you can opt out and retain full access to this feature.

So long MSN LJ Messenger

After reviewing our stats, we've decided to cancel MSN LJ Messenger Service, as of September 28, 2010, due to lack of use. If you created a Live ID with MSN Messenger, it will continue to work with the desktop client and other services, but it will no longer work on LiveJournal. For those of you who used this service, we recommend you try out LJ Talk (also known as Jabber) to chat with your LiveJournal friends and post to your journal. We'll be discussing this feature in today's "Did you know...?" tip below.

Other stuff to know

  • We've relaunched We hope you'll let us know what you think. Please post your comments and suggestions to this post in lj_feedback.
  • Comment log-in: If you enter your username and password to comment on a post, you will automatically remain logged into LiveJournal after you finish posting the comment.
  • Spam: We're aware that we've been hit by an unusual amount of spam this past week, which we're currently investigating. We hope you'll help us out by clicking the 'Report spam' checkbox whenever you delete a post.
  • LJ_Releases: For detailed updates and technical information on LiveJournal releases, check out lj_releases.

Header design contest

Congratulations to
maria91bl, who won our monthly header design contest. We'll be accepting entries for the next contest until Monday, October 18, at 4PM, PDT. All participants receive LJ Tokens: 2,500 for the winner; 1,000 for finalists; and 500 for all other contestants (only one award per user). The LiveJournal staff will select 15 finalists and post a poll in the news so you can choose a winner. For more information, please see the Remixed profile page.

Did you know ...?

MSN LJ Messenger is gone, but the joy of chatting lives on. You can use LJ Talk (also known as Jabber) to instant message with your LiveJournal friends and post to your journal. While individual IM clients (such as Yahoo! and AIM) are not compatible with LJ Talk, multi-chat clients that let you integrate the above services into one chat bar, including Pandion, Pidgin and Trillian, will work with LJ Talk! (Pandion is extremely easy to implement.)

To activate LJ Talk, here's what you do:
  • Select "Jabber" or "XMPP" as the type/protocol in your IM client's menu.
  • If you're prompted to provide a "JID," "Jabber ID," or"Jabber Address", use ""
  • If you're asked for both "Username" and "Server", use "YourUsername" and ""
  • When asked for a password, enter your LiveJournal password.
  • If you're asked for an optional "Connect Address" or "Alternate Connect Address," you can leave the fields blank. It will default to "," which is correct.
  • If asked for "Old style SSL," turn that off.
  • The port number is 5222.

Once you set up LJ Talk, any LiveJournal friend who has enabled LJ Talk will be automatically added to your contact list. You can also use this feature to post to your journal. To post an entry, address a message to "" to Frank with the text "post: Your entry here." To add a subject line, use "post: [Subject line] Your entry here." For additional information, check out this FAQ.

If you have other favorite features that you'd like us to write about, please let us know in the comments below. We'll be back next week with another fun tip.

For our featured photo and more fun with Frank & Meme (as told by LJ writers), we'll catch you under the cut! Read more...Collapse )
Once again, we thank you for joining us. We'll see you next week!

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