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Header design contest, Pet costume contest

It's that magical time of year when campy costumes and compulsive candy consumption are finally given their due accord. Needless to say, Frank and Meme are dying to dress up in coordinating garb in order to seize first place in the Halloween Goat Ball. Inspire them with the names of a notorious couple (be sure to choose an appropriate userpic and explain their claim to fame), and Frank will send you some candy corn to get your trick-or-treat on (up through the first 15 pages of comments).

Purged account update

Beginning next week, we'll resume purging suspended and deleted accounts. Only accounts that have been deleted for at least 30 days or suspended for at least six months will be purged (in random order). These usernames will become available for renaming an existing account. For more information on how to rename your account, search for available usernames, or subscribe to find out when a username eligible for purging becomes available, read this FAQ.

Header design contest

After intense deliberation by the LJ Staff, we're pleased to bring you another header design poll for your voting pleasure! Please help us choose the header that will grace the top of LiveJournal during the month of November. We'd also like to congratulate gekkouw, whose banner was selected by the LJ crew to commemorate pumpkin love on LiveJournal. We'll start accepting entries for the next contest after we announce a winner. Any headers that were submitted after the last deadline will be automatically entered in the next contest. Thanks, again, for voting!

Pet costume contest

While outfitting one's pets in spiffy threads is always in fine form, it's especially fashionable during Halloween. Why not share the fun with your LiveJournal friends? This year, we're holding a pet costume contest. To enter, post a picture of your pet dressed to the nines in lj_photophile. The LJ Staff will take a vote and award 2,500 LJ Tokens for first prize, 1,000 LJ Tokens for second prize, and 500 LJ Tokens for third prize. Frank will send all participants a batty vgift.

Did you know ...?

This week, we're talking about how to enjoy your favorite websites right here on LiveJournal through the use of syndicated feeds. No need to leave the comfort of your LiveJournal home when you can view the best of the web right on your Friends page:

  • Visit a website and look for an RSS icon, which often looks like this: . The icon may be in the browser address bar (see an example in Firefox, Opera, or Safari) or in the toolbar button row (Internet Explorer).
  • Click the icon and copy the feed address.
  • Visit our Syndication page, scroll to the bottom, paste in the feed address, and click Add Feed.
  • If there's already a syndicated account for that feed, you will then be able to add it to your Friends list and read the feed right on your Friends page!

If the feed does not already exist and you're a Paid or Permanent user, you'll be able to create a new syndicated account for the feed at this point. Simply choose a username to create the syndicated account and it will be automatically added to your Friends list. All users can check out the Top 20 and Top 1,000 syndicated accounts on LiveJournal to find more feeds for your Friends page. For full information on adding feeds, please see this FAQ. We'll be back next week with another fun tip!

For our featured photo and more from Frank and Meme, we'll catch you under the cut!

Photos of the week

Congrats to libra_dragon, who won our 42nd lj_photophile poll! Click here to help choose the next photo of the week.

A second round of praise to focus_melanie, who won our Decay-themed contest. You can submit photos for our next contest on the subject of Eerie right here!

FYI: We pick entries for the polls based on a combination of comments, +1 ratings, and staff input. Winners of both polls receive 500 LJ tokens. We thank you for sharing your talent with the global LiveJournal community.

Frank and Meme's Excellent Adventure

We received a couple of great new entries in frankandmeme. We'll continue to accept your submissions for the next official chapter in the Frank and Meme saga for one more week. In addition to eternal fame and glory, the winning author gets 1,000 LJ Tokens, and all other contributors receive 500 LJ Tokens.

Thanks, again, for joining us. We'll see you next week!
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