Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in news,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I have a plan.

For the first time in awhile, I have a little plan on what I want to do with LiveJournal. I'll start with my main goals and then list the prerequisite goals.

Main goal: become the best journaling website and blow the pathetic competition away before the competition gets a clue and gets good.
Prereq goal: keep the servers from crashing
Prereq goal: get new servers (in the meantime: optimize code to make it run better on the current server)
Prereq goal: get a lot of money (2-3 paid accounts per day would be good)
Prereq goal: provide an incentive for users to get paid accounts

So, that said --- here are the things that only paid users will be able to do soon, and their status:
  • Your own email alias (working as of a few hours ago... may take a few more hours for DNS propogations of the new MX records)
  • Make your domain be everywhere. Right now this is for everybody, and I don't like the idea of taking features away from people, and other journaling websites provide this free, so I guess I'll keep this for everybody too.
  • Multiple pictures! Paid users will be able to upload up to 10 pictures, give them descriptions, and choose which one to use on each journal entry. (and on comments, later on) So instead of just setting your mood to "angry", you can upload a pissed off picture of yourself and use that as well.
  • Text messaging -- this feature has already been working for a few weeks.
  • Customize comments pages --- I think this will be the one that entices a lot of people.
  • Statistics & Counters --- about how many unique people read your journal, divided by your friends vs. registered users vs. not logged in people (but not who exactly) by date, hour, domain name, referrers, etc... tons of fun stuff.
That's about all I can remember for now. That's what I'll be working on the next few days.

Oh yeah, I have another main goal...

Main goal: form a good team of volunteers to run different parts of LiveJournal instead of just me doing it all. in the future, get them money for their hard work once LiveJournal makes money. (another website I run makes a a ton of money per month --- it's not hard .... the trick is to do it without pissing of users. banners piss off users. if it comes down to that, we can do banners... but that's lame. let's first try and see if livejournal can sustain itself on paid accounts and other revenue sources)
Prereq goal: finish all my priviledge assignment and management tools for all the volunteers to use. no volunteer should have to come to me and say "I need you to do this for me". through the web tools and web console, any management functionality should be possible.

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