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Help Japan, Notifications, Custom Userheads

We want to thank you, again, for your continued understanding as we work through the notification issue. We feel your frustration, and we're taking steps to resolve this matter. For further details, please read our last news announcement. We'll keep you posted on further developments right here.

Frank's weekly giveaway

Lest we forget, we're celebrating March babies this week. Tell Frank if you were born this month, and he'll send you a little something to sweeten your big day. Meanwhile, back at the mothership, Frank could not resist downing the aromatic elixir that the alien beamed him. In less than a minute, he had transmogrified into a blue light. Frank and the alien squealed at each other with apparent cordiality. Then Frank followed the alien into the spacecraft, extending a blue ray (not to be confused with a blu-ray) to Meme. Tell Meme whether she should join Frank (an appropriate userpic is welcome), and Frank'll send you a hot cocoa to warm you up on cold Martian nights (up through the first 10 pages of comments).

Help Japan

LiveJournal users never cease to amaze us. We put up a charitable vgift to support relief efforts in Japan on Friday and, without so much as an announcement, it's already raised over $6,400! We're hoping to reach $10,000 by the end of the month. We also want to give a shout out to help_japan, a community that formed in response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami, where they're hosting several fandom-related and general auctions (we've donated three annual Paid accounts). Their proceeds will be donated to a number of charities, including but not limited to, the US and UK Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Network For Good, Save the Children, Shelterbox, and UNICEF. LiveJournal will donate proceeds from the sale of our Help_Japan vgift (we'll cover all processing fees) to Doctors Without Borders, who are already on the ground delivering emergency health care.

New custom userheads

In response to your requests, we've added a number of new custom userheads to the gift shop, including two charitable, stylized Japanese userheads priced at $1.99! We'll donate 100 percent of the proceeds we raise from the sale of the $1.99 Japanese userheads to Doctors Without Borders (we'll cover the processing fees). We look forward to adding more userheads in the future. Please keep the suggestions coming in comments below.

Journal theme contest

We've already received a number of fantastic submissions for our journal theme contest! We invite you to post your original designs up through Monday, April 18th, 2011 at 4PM, PDT in remixed. We'll select up to five winners, based on +1 ratings and staff input. Each winner will receive 2,500 LJ Tokens! All other participants will receive 500 LJ Tokens (a maximum of one award per user). Winning themes will be made available to all users without charge. You can check out the official rules on the Remixed Profile page. For more fun with photos, Frank and Meme, and LJ_Scribe, we'll catch you under the cut!

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Thanks, again, for joining us. We'll see you next week!
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