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LiveJournal Release 90 is Here

Sticky posts, spoiler tags, scheduled posts, and bug fixes included in this latest site update; plus special announcements.

Today we welcome Release 90, which includes the latest updates, changes and additions to LiveJournal. We also have a few bug fixes, and announcements to share -- so strap in, hold on tight, here we go…

First, what's new:

Sticky Posts: Easy - No work-around needed!
For those communities and journals that have wanted a post to remain permanently in place without it being pushed down by a new entry – like a ‘Welcome” post – sitcky posts make it easy. On the Update page, you’ll find the option "Make sticky post.” When you select this option, the entry you chose will now appear as the top entry to anyone who views your journal or community. You can only have one sticky entry per journal or community. Note that if you post a new entry with sticky post enabled, it will become the new top entry and the previous sticky post will revert to being a normal entry. If an entry is a sticky post, this icon  will appear in the same location as the entry security level icon appears.

Scheduled Entries: Post while you’re away!
There may be times when you don’t want to post an entry right away, or you might have more than one entry that you’d like to space apart rather than all at the same time. With Release 90, you can now schedule your entries to be posted at a future date and time, rather than immediately post it. You can view and manage scheduled entries here:

Spoiler Tags: Plots no longer ruined!
How many times have you visited your favorite TV show fan community only to find someone has carelessly posted an unknown plot detail without the courtesy of a spoiler alert? Release 90 is here to help: You can now add spoilers to an entry through use of the <lj-spoiler> tag. Though similar to an lj-cut, an lj-spoiler does not require a new page to load when clicked. Clicking the link will expand the hidden text inline. Plus, it works on both entries and comments. You can customize the text by using the format <lj-spoiler text=”Custom text goes here”>. There is also a new button for lj-spoiler in the Rich Text Editor Spoiler Icon that can be used in the same way the lj-cut button is used.

Comment Image Placeholders: Less memory drain and NSFW images
You’re at school or work, reading the comments in your favorite LiveJournal community, and suddenly an image appears that is not safe to be viewed in public. Now you can replace images in comments with a small placeholder image! This option is also useful for when there are too many large images to load. Find the new comment image placeholder option here:

Popular Communities: Homepage addition features Top 10 communities
LiveJournal communities are vibrant, active and interesting, and we think the more the ways to discover new communities, the better. Release 90 includes a new module on the homepage that highlights the Top 10 most popular LiveJournal communities. Communities are chosen based on special algorithms that calculate a community’s “status” through the level of its activity. Learn more here: You can also see more than 10 of the most popular communities at
Bugs, fixed
LiveJournal Release 90 fixes a few known bugs:
  • Comments left by deleted accounts will display again, instead of incorrectly showing all such comments as having been deleted.

  • Comment headers should no longer incorrectly be excessively large for comments with subject lines.

  • Bold, italic, and underline buttons in the comment form will now insert html in the correct places when used.

  • Userpics should display properly in your journal when the option to use the old style comment pages is enabled.

  • Flexible Squares styles have had their comment page navigation/pagination options restored.

  • Email notifications now contain the correct URL for the options to screen or delete comments.

Within the coming weeks we will be saying goodbye to two LiveJournal features.

Games Discontinued
We resisted writing “game over for games on LiveJournal,” but yes, on April 9, the Games tab will disappear from the LiveJournal navigation bar, and games – including Sim Hospital, Airport and City Gangs – will no longer be available to play.

Writer's Block Ending
After many successful years as a LiveJournal homepage fixture, it is time to say goodbye to Writer’s Block Question of the Day. Our thanks to all who have participated in and shared our daily often quirky queries. We expect Writer’s Block to end within the next couple weeks; in the meantime, have fun answering the remaining questions. If you’re looking to continue your addiction to answering questions, feel free to check out thequestionclub or ask_me_anything.

We hope you find Release 90 useful. As always, we welcome your comments.

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