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June 18, 2012: The official LiveJournal Release 93 is now live. Following are the new features, updates and bug fixes you'll find in this latest site update:


CAPTCHA -- the "prove you are a human" test -- will no longer display for LiveJournal members who have reached above a certain level of Social Capital. Note that while Social Capital does not display for members who do not have Cyrillic Services enabled, a background calculation is still implemented for every account. This means that if you have an active, well-established account, you should no longer see CAPTCHAs on the site while logged in, even in entries with 5,000-plus comments, or in journals that have opted to display CAPTCHAs to everyone.

REPOST -- There is now a new way to repost entries. This feature can be selected in the LJ-Like menu in the Rich Text Editor, or by entering <lj-like buttons="repost" /> into the HTML editor. If the original entry author has used this new <lj-like> method of including a repost button, reposting that entry will display in your latest entries as a post by the user who originally posted the entry. If multiple people on your friends list repost the same entry that was created with this new method, only one instance of it will appear on your friends page. All links, including commenting options, will point to the original entry, and the number of times an entry has been reposted will display next to the button. The repost button that is created when this method is used looks like this:


The entry which is reposted will retain the security settings of the original entry. If someone posts an entry at a Friends Only security level and opts to include the repost button, only friends of the original author will be able to see the re-posted entry. This will prevent anyone who has previously included an <lj-like> tag in their post from unintentionally exposing their entry to users they have not added as friends on LiveJournal.

Note: This feature does not replace the existing <lj-repost> feature which acts as if it were an entry posted by the person using the repost feature. No changes have been made to the way using <lj-repost> functions or displays.

COMMUNITY EMAIL -- This feature lets community owners and maintainers send an email to all members of the community, provided the community is a paid or permanent account. The option for Community Email appears at for community maintainers and owners, which serves as a link to the page where you can email community members. There is a limit of one emailing per day for any community, and opt-out information is automatically included in every email sent.

Over the past month, LiveJournal has added NEW JOURNAL STYLES. Check out the updated list of Featured Styles on

  • The warning about paid time/storage space running out in Scrapbook will only display when you are actually near your storage limit or your paid/extra storage space time is about to expire.
  • Posting a comment with the quick reply form in S2 comment pages should properly return you to the newly posted comment.
  • If an OpenID account has commented to an entry, and that account has been purged or converted to a normal account, it will no longer cause the entry to display Error 500.
  • The S1 Magazine style no longer displays extra text like "<=LASTN_EVENT_PROTECTED" at the top of the page.
- The LiveJournal Team


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