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Release #103 now live

Release 103 is now live for the LiveJournal site. A summary of the changes:

-- The criteria for defining inactive accounts has been adjusted slightly. Now, journals or communities that contain 2 or fewer entries can be considered to be inactive (as long as several other criteria are also met).

-- The 'adult concepts' setting has been removed, leaving only a single adult setting available named simply Adult Content. If your journal was using adult concepts, it no longer has any adult setting defined. If your journal is using the previous 'explicit adult content' setting, it has been converted to the new setting.

-- Some adjustments have been made to the suspicious login monitoring feature (which notifies you of potentially suspicious logins to your account) so that there should now be far fewer false positives.

-- Several bug fixes.

Please see this post in the lj_releases community for full details on all of these items. Thanks!
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