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Design changes and movie night!

Hi all! We've just done another code release to the site and wanted to give you a quick rundown of the changes.

Adaptive site menu

The main site menu has been changed so that it will react to your browser's window size. As your browser window becomes smaller, the menu will as well. This will improve the usability of the site menu for both mobile devices and people using low screen resolutions or small browser windows.

Settings page

The settings page has a new tab on it which has links to many of the commonly used management options on the site. If you're ever wondering where the link is to manage various features of the site, this will be a great place to look first.

New icons for Update Journal page

We've updated the icons for the Update Journal page. This is a purely cosmetic change, so everything functions as it did before, but the new icons should make it easier to see what that icon is used for.

LJ Movie night

We've created a new community over at lj_movienight where you can watch a movie every week with other people on LiveJournal! Movies will start at a specific time so everyone pushes play at the same time to watch it together and comment about it along the way.

Every week people nominate what they'd like to see, and then a poll is posted to the community to pick the final movie to watch. This week's poll is up here so feel free to vote on which movie you'd like to see!

We're using movies available on the Netflix catalog, for now, to try and ensure as many people as possible can easily watch the movie. So stock up on popcorn, head on over to lj_movienight, and have some fun!
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