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Best comments, related entries update & new captcha

Hi all, we have a few changes to the site to announce today!

Best Comment & other comment page updates

The new Best Comment feature allows you to pick one comment in your entry and highlight it at the top of the comments section. You can use this to highlight any comment on an entry which you find to be especially interesting, funny, useful, or relevant to the discussion.

To select a comment, just click on the green star icon (green star) in the hover menu for the comment. Once a comment has been selected, it will appear at the top of the comments section with a "Best" icon (Best comment) and will also appear with this icon in its normal place within the comments section. This feature works in both personal journals and communities, but only the person who posts the entry can select a Best Comment.

Additional changes to the comment page have also been made to update the icon set which appears when hovering over a comment, and the 'link' function has been moved to the timestamp section. Clicking on the date & time of any comment will take you to thread for that comment.

All changes mentioned above only apply to the system commenting scheme; custom comment pages have not been changed.

Related Entries

The Related Entries feature has been updated to permit use of friends only entries. If you post a Friends Only entry and select to include the Related Entries feature, it will display both Friends Only and Public entries. If a Public entry is posted, only Public entries will appear in the module. The Related Entries only shows previews of entries that the viewer has access to see. Please note that Custom security level content will not appear in the module; this is to ensure that the module is consistent for everyone when it is viewed.

Captcha update & bug fixes

We began using a new captcha provider last week (the "prove you are human" tests). Unfortunately, it was causing issues in several cases, most commonly when custom comment pages were being used or when someone attempted to switch to commenting anonymously. These issues should be fixed now, but we encourage anyone still having problems with these to open a support request with as much information on when problems occur as possible.

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