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New post editor

We're excited to announce our new post editor. Some of you might have noticed the link to it at the new post page. It isn't visible to everyone yet, but it soon will be :)

We have changed the whole approach to posts creation. Now, while writing an entry, you immediately see what it will look like after publishing.

Let's take a look!

That's what a new editor looks like

Select text to edit it, change formatting or insert a link:

Text editor

Press Enter to start a new paragraph and open media inserting menu. You can add photos from ypur computer or Scrapbook, paste content from social networks, embed video and more:

Add pictures and videos

To mention another user, press @ and start writing their username

All the posts you've started are now saved as drafts, so don't worry about losing them if unpublished  —  you can finish them up later

To insert a quote, select a paragraph and press the quote icon:

Adjust you post settings:

Privacy, comments, sharing

Should you wish to finish your post using old post editor or insert HTML, feel free to switch to the old editor (all text is saved):

Here's how finished post might look like:

We'll be grateful if you share your opinion on the new post editor with us. #IAmTestingNewPostEditor hashtag is automatically added to every post written in new post editor so that we could view them (if public) and learn what you liked in it or not. The new post editor will soon be available to everyone!

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