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Ultimate ban, photos order and unlimited videohosting

We hope your summer was the best! Our certainly was the best, we did a great job. And we have some good news!

Ban 'Em All!

One of the most common requests to support was about avoiding ban in other journals. If you ban somebody they still could reply to your comments in other journals and communities. Very unpleasant experience. We fixed that.

Now if you ban user he won't be able to comment you anywhere - neither in your journal nor in other journals and communities.

Reminder: fastest way to ban user is a contextualhover menu, which appears when you hover your mouse over userhead or userpic. You can read about it in a FAQ.

Queue up

Now you can order your photos when posting them.

Select some photos for entry, change their order or discard some selected images. This feature works in old and new editor and also at your album page.

Unlimited video

LiveJournal provides unlimited videohosting for active users.

Store your videos in LiveJournal and share with friends. You can read about video in a FAQ.

With love,
LiveJournal team


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