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PWA App for your blog: what LiveJournal bloggers should know

Dear friends, we've got good news for you! 

The whole month we’ve been testing the new PWA app on some blogs and now ready to share the great news: all active bloggers can now have their own PWA app!  

This post is meant to tell you what PWA app is and how it benefits the bloggers.  

Sitting on a beautiful hill… Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash
Sitting on a beautiful hill… Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

A little bit of a dull theory first: 

PWA (Progressive Web App) is a progressive web application. It’s a set of web technologies that gives a website the functionality of an application. 

How it works

  • The reader goes to blog from the Android OS mobile device and receives the suggestion to add PWA App to the main screen of the mobile device;
  • The reader accepts the suggestion and the blog’s icon immediately appears on the desktop;
  • The App creates its own “cast” of the blog, which serves to speed up the download and helps to access the blog offline.  
How to set up the PWA App for your blog
How to set up the PWA App for your blog

Advantages of the PWA App

  • Works faster than the website, works with poor internet connection and when offline;
  • Improves the SEO indicators of the blog and helps the promotion in search engines;
  • Can be installed on a smartphone with one click, no need to go to the “marketplace”;
  • Doesn’t occupy the phone memory as the size of the App doesn’t exceed 1 MB;
  • Updates remotely, no additional downloads required.

Bloggers can configure their own PWA App 

To make the icon of your blog different from the icons of LiveJournal App and PWA applications of other blogs, we recommend you to set an individual icon. It can be an image of your userpic or any other image familiar to your readers.

You can set up the icon in your account settings. An image can be jpg, gif or png file. The picture size must be at least 512x512 pixels. It’s best if the picture is initially square.

However you can leave the icon as it is :)

If you are an active blogger and you don’t have the PWA App appeared, please check the privacy settings of your blog. You need to change the default access to your posts to “public” and activate the App in your account settings. In case you don’t want the readers to access you your blog offline, you can deactivate the App in the same account settings. 

Also we would like to remind you that LiveJournal has it's full mobile application. You can download It’s latest version in the Apple App Store,  Google Play and Appgallery Huawei.

Wishing you peace, good health and loyal readers.


LiveJournal team

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