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LJ Apps Update And Free Vgifts

Dear friends,

We are glad to announce that LiveJournal apps are updated on the App Store and Google Play

What's new?!

Frank the goat and Mr.Kapusta make snow angels
Frank the goat and Mr.Kapusta make snow angels

Dark Mode

We know, you've been waiting for it. Yay! It's ready!

Dark mode in LiveJournal Apps
Dark mode in LiveJournal Apps

You can switch to dark mode in app settings.

Image For Instagram Stories

You can share preview of your LJ post in Instagram stories!

Image for Instagram stories
Image for Instagram stories

How to do the image:

1. Open post you want to share

2. Find Instagram icon

3. Save image on your phone

Now you can use this image in Instagram stories!

Celebrate New Year with Frank The Goat and Mr. Kapusta!

And one more thing! 

We have some new fun vgifts for you, we hope you love them. Send some to your friends! They are free!!!

Don't miss them in LJ Shop.

So it was the last update for 2020. We hope the next one will be better. 

Happy New Year!

With love,
LJ team


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