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Updated Mobile App, New Feature for Entry Editor, Comments on Pictures, and Talking Frank

Dear Friends,

We haven't shared good news for a long time. And we have a lot to tell you about!

A user profile, an archive of blog entries, and highlights in the entry editor have appeared in the mobile app this summer. You can leave comments on each picture on the entry as well! Moreover, our Frank can speak now and he is ready to help you!

A lot of great news today
A lot of great news today

Let's talk about them!

User Profile and Calendar in the Mobile App

Information about users is now available on the profile page and in the mobile app.

User profile in the LJ mobile app
User profile in the LJ mobile app

Users with the Professional package of service can view and edit user tags. Although, for now, the profile can be edited in the browser only.

The archive of your Journal is also available in the mobile app now. You can see all the entries for the year, month and day — just like on the web version!

Journal archive of our @Frank
Journal archive of our @Frank

For the Most Important Words

Now you can highlight the most important words and phrases in the entry editor! 

The magic is here! Just try it!

Highlight the text you want and select the star icon from the menu:

Highlights in the entry editor
Highlights in the entry editor

Comments on Pictures

You can leave comments on pictures in the entries created via the new entry editor and mobile entry editor.


Each comment will appear below the entry, like an ordinary comment, with the picture you've sent your comment to.

Talking Frank

For those who missed the announcement on frank account — now you can tag frank and frank_mobile in your entries or comments if you have technical issues. Of course, Frank will never replace our LiveJournal Support Team, but he'll do his best to help you with your technical problems as fast as he can!

Aaand!!  We are holding a drawing lottery on frank Journal! Ten random winners will be gifted Professional packages of service for one month! Make sure not to miss it!

That's all for today! See ya on Monday at drawing results on frank account.

With love,
LJ team


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