Evan Martin (evan) wrote in news,
Evan Martin


Yep, you heard right, another LiveJournal party.
Erik writes (with small modifications by Evan):

WHEN: Saturday, October 28th, 7pm until whenever people pass out or go home.
WHERE: 5251 16th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105 [House of Brad, Eli, and Erik, among others.] It's a yellow house with a railing and steps out front. The front door is on the right side of the house.
There's even a house journal, if you're really bored.
WHAT: It's mostly a halloween party, so dress up if you want.. if you don't, it's all good, but most people will be so you won't want to feel left out. :-) We'll have music, darts, dancing, cocktails, beer, a lot of people to, uhh, socialize with (hopefully), and maybe Adam will even spin fire for us, in the spirit of Halloween.
HOW: Bus, plane, walking, swimming, driving.. anything you want. We've got SOME parking around here, but not a whole hell of a lot. Carpool if possible.
WHY: To have a DAMN good time, of course! It really should be a blast.. we're dedicating all of Saturday to acquiring a lot of tacky decorations, getting liquor/beer, and maybe carving some pumpkins. But remember: YOU make it fun by showing up.. the more people, the better the time. They vary directly with one-another, so show up!

QUESTIONS/RSVP:Just post a comment here. Then it's easy for everyone to see who's planning on coming, in an open forum. Oh, and if you plan on bringing alcohol, let us know that too!

COST: If you want to drink, we'll probably charge somewhere between $3 and $5 for a cup. Eli and Erik can whip up some tasty-ass cocktails, so it'll be worth it. Some beer will be here, but the more people bring the better. We can do sort of a "beer potluck." Later in the evening, if we run out of beer, we can pool funds and go get more. If you don't drink and just want pop or something, we'll provide it, so don't worry. No charge.

Be there or be square. :-)

I (Evan) would like to add that this was relatively unplanned, so we apologize in advance to all of the people across the country who might've flown in, had they been properly warned.
The "real" LiveJournal party hasn't been planned, yet, but they (the members of the house) figured it would be fun if they opened their doors to random strangers from LiveJournal-land, even for their random Halloween party.

I should also note that Brad, the father of LiveJournal, may not be present. So, to all of you weird stalker girls, better luck next time!

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