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Minor changes

Login/Logout Fixes -- the other day Netscape wasn't logging in when going to (instead of, and in fixing that, I broke the ability for MSIE users to logout. Everything should be fixed and happy now. Cookies are a pain.

Web Updater: Picture Selection -- if you use the web updater, you can now select what picture you want to use from a drop-down box. You have to use the full update, and you have to be logged in (otherwise how would it know what pictures you had available, ya know?)

Edit all meta-data from web -- I put this off way too long: you can now edit your mood, music, auto-format, no-comments, and picture from the website. I had never used the web update myself, so it didn't get much love... now that I made it so easy to edit a post by clicking that little toolbar button, I use the web edit, so I wanted the full functionality, thus it got worked on. Yeah yeah.... I know I should have love for all clients, but I ain't go no time, ya know? :-)

LoserJabber -- worked on a patch for LoserJabber (the Linux update client) and sent it off to Evan. He recently added keyboard accelerator support to match the Windows client, so I added support to change the window title when using shared journals in the same way the Windows client does it.

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