July 17th, 2000


Well, I think I got "newslogs" working .... where you can make journals and give multiple LiveJournal accounts access to post top-level entries in them. We'll be using this for LiveJournal news, but I'm sure other people will find more creative uses .... like Slashdot-style news sites or whatnot.

New Windows Client

The new Windows client is coming along really well. I hadn't worked on it in almost a month so it took some time to get familiar with all the code again.

New features include:

  • Spell-checker. (either by hitting F7 or optionally, before you submit)
  • Current mood
  • Current music
  • "Don't auto-format", like the website now has
  • "Shared journal" support --- multiple users posting to one user. When you make a journal, you'll be able to give people access to post in it (like this news journal) and using one login/password, you'll be able to post to any journal you have access to, but still retaining your identity, and protecting that authorized user from changing too many settings. I'll explain this more later.
  • All post options can now have defaults (auto-formatting, security settings, journal to use, etc...)