August 1st, 2000

Contest Winners

The LiveJournal style/theme contest is over, the entries scrutinized, the scores have been tabulated, and the winners in alphabetical order are:

antisocialgurl, braneded, cyph, evan*, harvey*, lovepink, opalcat, roshi*, scottfreeman*, toast, and viola.

All users received a lifetime paid-account. The users in bold were top in the category and received a $25 gift certficate. Congratulations to all the winners! I'd also like to thank all the participants that didn't win ... even your styles and themes look better than mine. :-)

Directory Search Update

Made some amazing progress on the directory search ... it's probably the sexiest/cleanest/most well-designed piece of code I've written in quite awhile. Each filter is a plug-in, and can cache its result set amonst searches. At the end, you'll have a choice to OR or AND all the result sets from each filter. It's quite cool. The code is amazingly small now too. I thought this would take longer. Tomorrow I'll be white-water rafting all day, so maybe in a few nights it'll be done.