August 10th, 2000

internal changes.

made a bunch of changes to the core of livejournal .... nothing noticable that users can see (except things I might've broke) but the code is cleaner, smaller, and faster. let me know if you find something broken. evan just found a bug when posting comments, but i fixed that real quick.

this is why i work at 3:20 in the morning ... can't piss off users too much. bet ya didn't even notice the site had a "database down, maintenance upgrade going on" message did ya? :-)

but yeah --- tell me if anything is weird. might sleep now.

Directory change

Okay, sorting by location is back in the directory .... and that's the default search mode when you click a state or country in the directory now too. It worked like this before for US people, but now it also works for international people.

Apologies for "taking this out" .... I never got rid of it on purpose, I rewrote the search engine & directory from the ground up and I just never got around to adding it back in. Anyway, enjoy.

Time Problem

I've posted a pretty detailed explanation of LiveJournal's time problem online. Please read it and let's all discuss in the comments what could be done to "fix" it.

The basic problem is how poorly (well, not at all) that LiveJournal handles time zones, and how to handle offline journaling.

Notice: security problem

I've found a bug in version 1.3.0-1.3.4 of the Windows LiveJournal client that you should be aware of:

When you make a non-public journal entry and then go back to edit it later, if you don't open the "Post Options" dialog box within the history editing dialog box, when you save your post it will go back to public.... that is not good at all.

I'm looking into why that happens and preparing a fix right now.