August 13th, 2000

Support System

I'm finally starting to get so much stupid LiveJournal support email (mainly from AOL users) that I think it's time to write the new support system I've been thinking about it. It's going to be community support --- you submit your request and it goes into a public pool where anybody can answer, and users get points for answering (which'll be visible on your userinfo page ...). Some will answer to be friendly, some will answer to get points just to get points, and others will answer to get points to get paid accounts. Maybe I'll also do something whereby people with the most points are put first in the queue to get their own questions answered.

Points will be awarded when the person asking the question confirms (through a URL given to them in an email) that their question has been answered. Each question will be the root of a thread in which conversation can flow back and forth from multiple members. If a person requesting help doesn't confirm their question answered (or unanswered) within 7 days it goes away.

I predict it'll be cool. :-)