August 14th, 2000

New Windows client

A new version of the Windows client (1.3.6) is now online. The ChangeLog has been updated as well. The main features are the "Make Link" dialog and there are now "Lite" and "Upgrade" versions to choose from, instead of downloading all 1.7 MB of the full version. A British dictionary version is coming in the future.

Apologies to the 205 people that already upgraded from 1.3.4 to 1.3.5. But that's why there's the new "upgrade" package that's so small! :-)

Random User

Check out the sidebar on the main site under "Find Users" ... see the new Random! link? Have fun. Or, play from here.

It picks one of the 200 most recently updated journals when picking one, so you won't get anything too stale. I had to take a break and write something in 5 lines of code for a change... it feels good.