August 15th, 2000

Support System

I was determined to finish the new support system today, and I have. If you have LiveJournal questions, from now on go here. You can also go there to help people out and get points.

Keep in mind that although it's all functional right now, there's a lot more that needs to be documented, clarified, and prettied up. This is a good first draft though .. it does everything it needs to.

Note that points you receive for helping people aren't on the userinfo page yet.... I'll do that in a few days, once people actually have some points. The points are awarded as follows: 1-3 points base (depending on problem type), and then 1 point for every 6 hours the problem has been sitting unfixed.

In the future, paid users and people with high numbers of points will be put first in the support queue, if they have questions themselves. In other words, help out and ye shall be paid back later. However, in the future you'll also be able to sort by any field on the "help somebody out" page.

Play with it and let me know what you think. It won't really be interesting though until people submit some questions.

High Scores

The new support system is working out great..... 6 people have already asked questions and had them answered, many before I even woke up today ... that's great! Less work for me. :-)

I put up the list of high scores for anybody interested in who the big helpers are. Each support request answered is worth 1-3 points + 1 point for every 6 hours it remains unanswered.