August 22nd, 2000

Browse by Topic

This isn't done yet, but I wanted to start getting some feedback .... there's a new feature now that lets you browse journal entries by topic. Here's an example of it in action. Feel free to click around starting from that page.

I'd particularly like feedback in the following areas:
  • What are some good applications for this? The "Movie Reviews" category topic seems to be the most interesting and useful. World and Regional news would also be interesting --- people could post their journal entries pertaining to the concorde crash, the Russian submarine, etc.. What other good topic categories can you think of? I'm opposed to music reviews because music doesn't have as clear of start and expiration dates of applicability as movies and news events do.
  • As this feature gets completed and becomes popular and integrated around the site, I'll need an army of editors to approve new submissions (we can't have trolls posting bogus journal entries to every topic). Any volunteers?