August 27th, 2000

So much relief....

I just got off the phone with Reverend Jim ... he volunteered to help me with the system/programming LiveJournal work. He really knows his stuff --- it's a pleasure to have him helping me out. I explained the database setup and major chunks of the code to get him up to speed. It's going to be exciting what we can do together. And once we've cleaned some stuff up and documented more, we'll hopefully get even more developers on board.

I'm also excited about the other users that are going to head up various parts of the site .... it's shaping up to be a very cool team, which is what I was hoping for. I'll post a few announcement later showing everybody's positions and contact info. I still have about 50 emails that I've yet to reply to ... if I haven't replied to you yet, don't take it personally ... some of you deserve longer replies than I had time for yesterday. I'll try to get back to everyone.

Thanks for all your support!